When was Among Us created?

Among Us is an online game that can be used on multiple platforms. Once the user downloads it on their mobile or PC, they participate with a group of people. The strategy consists of discovering the impostors and avoiding being discovered by the other crew members if you are an enemy.

On the other hand, there are many customization options and even after a while, users can clear the progress in Among Us , to start a new stage.

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  1. When was Among Us created?
    1. What was it that inspired the creators of Among Us?
    2. What are the designers of Among Us called?
  2. What story does Among Us tell in its games?
  3. How was the launch of Among Us?
  4. What made Among Us one of the most popular video games?

When was Among Us created?

Although the popularity of the video game increased in 2020, it should be noted that its origin is ancient. This fact confuses users and makes them wonder about the beginnings of Among Us and why it went viral a long time later. The truth is that it emerged in 2018 when the creators defined guidelines on graphics and gameplay.

At the beginning, it was thought to offer a multiplayer video game for mobile phones and to have a single free map . However, the developers of InneSloth decided to extend it without taking into account the lack of popularity it had when it was released.

Among Us was officially presented on June 15, 2018 with availability for iOS and Android devices . It is important to note that users could access a map called ‘The Skeld’. The updates allowed for the release on Steam, the creation of two more blueprints, and other paid tools.

What was it that inspired the creators of Among Us?

The Among Us team wanted to make an entertaining app similar to the ‘Mafia’ game. They did not take into account the use of audio in order not to reveal hidden information about a particular environment. The InnerSloth tech group was motivated to increase player interaction and the use of simple graphics.

What are the designers of Among Us called?

Behind this famous video game is the dedication of Marcus Bromander, Forest Willard and Amy Liu . The first was in charge of defining the structure, the scheme of the figures, the environment and the colors. While the second programmed the game and dedicated himself to providing the updates. Liu collaborated with Marcus on the illustrations.

These three people met in an independent study that is located in Redmond, Washington. The objective was to work together with a vision aimed at surpassing other famous video games that had already established themselves in the market. The catalog of these professionals also includes the Dig2 China game and the Henry Stickmin Collection.

What story does Among Us tell in its games?

In Among Us, a total of up to 10 players board a ship and carry out activities in order to get home. Some are called impostors and their purpose is to sabotage the tasks and hunt down the rest of the members without anyone knowing. They all have similar astronaut suits. For this reason, the participants must find the sabotages .

The game is won when enemies are discovered and all activities are completed. On the other hand, the victory of the impostors will be obtained if their number equals the number of crew members or when the sabotage count reaches zero. Players can make use of HQ scoped doors, a vital signs indicator, or security cameras .

If a member dies , he becomes a ghost , but has the power to continue helping the other crew members. You can also choose to be the impostor in Among Us with some strategies or let the algorithm decide. In the interface you will find a chat to send messages. You can also access paid content in order to improve some aspects of the design.

How was the launch of Among Us?

The video game was offered to the market in June 2018 . It was available on iOS and Android and featured a single map. A few months later Among Us was allowed to download on PC . In 2019 the company announced the development of a second and third map with the help of computing. In 2020 they became free items to expand the reach to more followers.

That same year and after the increase in popularity, they started publishing updates once a week. In this way, he increased the number of followers and in mid-2020 he achieved success in countries such as South Korea, Brazil and the entire Hispanic community .

What made Among Us one of the most popular video games?

The fame of this game increased thanks to a streamer called ‘Sodapoppin’ who praised Among Us from Twitch. Another aspect that contributed to the notoriety of the video game was the COVID-19 pandemic that isolated a large part of the population. Therefore, a way was sought to reduce social distancing through leisure and virtual socialization.


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