When to use the dehumidifier

Humidity is the great enemy of homes because in the long run it tends to damage walls, furniture and negatively affects people’s health. It is very easy to find out if there are problems related to humidity because mold appears on the walls and furniture, the plaster undergoes changes and the air in the house begins to deteriorate.

The purchase of a dehumidifier contributes to solving humidity problems because it acts through a condensation process that collects water in a special container, eliminating excess humidity.

On the market there are many types of dehumidifiers that differ according to the water collection systems and according to the production brand. An example is the Ariston dehumidifier , one of the leaders in the sector that differs in technology, functionality and efficiency.

Why buy the best dehumidifier on the market

The dehumidifiers have the task of condensing the humidity, they are equipped with a water collector and a sensor that warns when the compartment is full and must be emptied. If the compartment is not emptied, most dehumidifiers stop working automatically.

There are several problems related to humidity: according to some scientific studies, excess humidity causes the proliferation of molds and bacteria that fill the air in the home and in the long term can cause damage to the respiratory tract, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

The smell of mold persists even with the windows open and to remove the mold it is necessary to leave the house for a few days. A dehumidifier is perfect for counteracting the return of mold and its bad smell. High humidity also tends to form condensation on the windows, especially during the winter period.

How to choose a dehumidifier for the home

To proceed with the purchase of a dehumidifier it is important to take into consideration the environment to be dehumidified, the average temperature of the house, how large the dehumidifier must be and the maximum level of humidity that can be removed, i.e. how many liters of water can condense ‘device. It is also of great importance to select a dehumidifier model that is silent and can therefore be used both at night and during the day.

Unlike air conditioners, dehumidifiers do not change the temperature of the environment because they are designed to regulate only the level of humidity present in the air.

A first distinction to be made is that between electric and salt dehumidifiers.

The electric dehumidifiers use electricity to carry out their task, while the dehumidifiers salts to exploit the physico-chemical principles to retain the environmental water through a process called “passive.”

  • The electric dehumidifiersare characterized by a large capacity and tend to last more in the long run. They require periodic maintenance interventions which increase according to their use.
  • The dehumidifiers to saltsrepresent the traditional rigid containers with sack, characterized by the symbol dehumidifier . Inside they contain saline compounds that come into contact with the air present in the environment. They exploit the mechanisms of passive action and cannot be used to treat bulky environments.

The power of an electric dehumidifier can vary from 100 Watts up to 600 Watts for very large rooms. For domestic conditions, a 300 Watt dehumidifier is sufficient.

Prices dehumidifier

The dehumidifiers on the market have a cost ranging from 150 euros up to around 600 euros. The cost varies according to the reference brand, power and size. It is possible to find on the market dehumidifiers with a maximum capacity of 16 liters at a cost of approximately 170 euros.

The budget to be allocated to the dehumidifier must be thought primarily based on the amount of water to be contained and based on the size of the home. For a house of 50 square meters it is recommended to purchase a dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of 30 liters per day.

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