When to post on Instagram: best times to post

Find out what are the best times to post on Instagram and reach more followers with your posts and receive more interactions.

The idea that you have of Instagram is that of a social network on which moments of your daily life, photos and videos with friends or family are usually shared, but it is not only this. In fact, the platform for many other users can represent a huge opportunity from a business point of view. Scrolling through the Instagram wall you will surely have noticed how many users are used to post photos, videos or stories with the aim of being successful and earning with the platform. These bloggers do it to increase the circle of followers and thus get the most out of their posts. Getting personally known or making your influencer activity known on Instagram is important to give a decisive boost to your career!

If you also want to make money with Instagram,  we recommend that you continue reading this post because we will soon reveal the best times to post on Instagram . In fact, not everyone knows that there are several ways to get more engagement – that is, more interactions between you and your followers. Among them, it is important to understand what time to post on Instagram and what are the best days to do so.

If you are wondering why it is important to know when to post on Instagram , the answer is simple: to reach more people and get more followers to see your post, so as to receive more likes, comments and interactions, it is important to publish at specific times. when most users are logged into the platform.

For some time, for those who play the role of influencer or for those who have a company profile, Instagram has made available a statistical tool called: Insight di Instagram .
With this tool you will be able to find out exactly how your audience is behaving. The metrics you find in Instagram Insights are as follows:

  • Post views;
  • Content coverage;
  • Click to the website;
  • Profile views;
  • I like it;
  • Comments.

Thanks to these statistics you will have the possibility to know the best times and days to post on Instagram .
Maybe the desire to find out how your followers behave comes from a simple curiosity, so, even if you don’t have a brand or are not an influencer, know that you can still use this tool by switching from your normal account to an Instagram business account .

When to post on Instagram

There is no perfect time to post on Instagram that works for everyone. There are no general rules applicable to each profile because each account offers something different and can have an audience with completely different needs. There are certainly better time slots than others, but every Instagram profile must also take into account what kind of people follow it, their habits and their lifestyle.
It is important to understand well the time slots in which your Instagram users are most active and analyze their behavior to exploit it in your favor. So if you want to know when to post on Instagram, know that your followers will reveal it to you!

Analyzing the people who follow your profile and finding out how they interact with your posts is possible thanks to Instagram Insights. Using this tool you will receive valuable information to understand the time and days when your followers are most active , the area they follow you from, their age and their gender.
The procedure for accessing Instagram Insights is as follows: 

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile (bottom right);
  2. On your profile, at the top right, go to “Settings”;
  3. Click on the Insights symbol (or also called “Statistics”);
  4. A screen opens that shows you the various statistics analyzed by content, activity and audience;
  5. Enter the “Public” section, the one you are interested in (because this is where you will find the growth of your followers; the places they follow you from; the age group; the gender; and above all the followers);
  6. Scroll down, until you reach the part of the “followers”.

This section in turn is divided into “followers – hours” and “followers – days” . As you can deduce, “followers – hours” shows you the average times your followers are on Instagram on a given day; while “follower – days”, the day of the week they are most active.
Analyze this data well and note the time and day when there is a greater flow.

Well now that what are the best times to post on Instagram you just have to put these tips into practice and start increasing the engagement with your followers!

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