When to do the pregnancy test?

When in doubt about being pregnant , couples often turn to the pregnancy test, a product that serves to answer one of the big questions that mark the lives of all parents. The current most frequent profile of a woman who wants to become pregnant is 30-35 years.

Couples preparing to become parents use a lot of illusion, leaving behind contraception, which is replaced by a daily folic acid pill and a calendar, waiting to get pregnant that same month.

But a year later, only half of the women will have achieved it, and one in five will only achieve it with medical help.

How long does it take to get pregnant

The monthly fertility rate for young girls with regular intercourse is 20% per cycle, while for women in their 40s it is 5% per cycle. The chances of pregnancy depend:

  1. Of the age of the woman .
  2. Of the quality of the semen.
  3. The degree of fertility of each of them.

«My experience in consulting with young donors of oocytes and semen has made me see that the degree of fertility is an innate personal characteristic . Thus, when two very fertile people get together, it is most likely that pregnancy occurs in the first months, while, when a woman and a man of low fertility come together, even though they are totally healthy and without suffering problems that prevent it, They will take much longer, “explains Dr. Marisa López-Teijón in her book” I want to get pregnant now ! “.

The time to use the pregnancy test

After suspecting that the big surprise is coming, it is time to use the test, however, from EVA assisted reproduction clinics . The doctor and specialist Antonio Piñera, divides into two situations when doing this test.

Natural pregnancy:

In this case, it is recommended to take the pregnancy test on the same day after exceeding the expected date by which the period should have arrived. However, in women who do not have a regular cycle it can be complicated. If it is positive, it is extremely rare that it is false. The most common human error is that the test result cannot be interpreted correctly, which leaves only false negatives . If in spite of being negative there are symptoms that there is a pregnancy, there is no problem in repeating it another day so that the level of the hormones that is analyzed has varied »points out the specialist. He also notes that “it is recommended in the morning, since it is when it takes the longest to go to the bathroom, but it is not a determining factor.”

Pregnancy by assisted reproduction:

“In our clinic we directly do blood analysis (with 100% accuracy) around 14 days, when it is much more advanced and a much broader spectrum of the situation can be seen,” emphasizes the doctor, although he acknowledges that some patients have arrival to do a pregnancy test at home before. When they do this, two situations arise. “The first is that it comes out positive, in which case the blood test will only specify much more data about the pregnancy. If, on the other hand, it comes out negative, it can mean two things: that she still does not have the necessary concentration of hormones in the urine so that it comes out positive but she is pregnant , or is not.

The specialist also clarifies: «There are situations in which it is not known that you are pregnant because there is bleeding that can be regular and confused with the rule. Therefore, the pregnancy goes unnoticed. Such bleeding is a threat and there are few tools to combat it. You can only see the evolution and see if it is a risky pregnancy .

False beliefs

Despite the vast amount of information and experts that exist in society, people are often led by false myths or opinions deeply rooted in society when preparing for a pregnancy. For this reason, Lopez-Teijón corrects the following in his book:

  1. If you have been taking birth control pills for a long time , you have to wait a few months to get pregnant. Error, this mythis based on the fact that the effects of the medication will last even after you have stopped consuming it.
  2. After sex, the woman stays with her legs bent so that the semen reaches the egg better.
  3. Suffering testicular trauma has repercussions in men. Another popular lie, just like wearing a mobile phone in your pants.
  4. When seeking pregnancy, the man has to decrease his ejaculations. Serious error: the greater the number of ejaculations, the quality of the semen will be significantly better. It seems logical: the function trains the organ, it happens the same with the muscles.

Complements for a positive test

For women, folic acid , a vitamin that in addition to being vital for the maintenance and creation of new cells, can prevent deformations in the placenta that would lead to abortion or birth defects in the baby.

For men, antioxidant pills to prevent oxidation of sperm, which would cause an increase in the quantity and quality of sperm, giving them greater number, mobility and morphology.


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