When to change cars: 5 considerations to make

There are those who are lovingly attached to their car, treating it with care and attention for more than 10 years, anxiously fearing the moment of separation. There are those who chase the news, preferring to change their car often in order to buy more advanced models. What is the right choice? Here are 5 steps to help you make a careful assessment and understand when is the best time to change cars.

1. After how many years it is good to change cars

There are two categories of motorists: those convinced of the need to change it often and those who make sure to make a ten-year purchase. As with all things, there are pros and cons.

Those who often change their car, at most every 5 years, can sell it more easily and at a reasonable price, not having suffered an excessive devaluation. In this way you have the possibility of having a car that is always new, with excellent performance and you avoid the maintenance costs that, over time, become more frequent.

There are those who prefer to buy the car to keep it for about 10 years (if not more) and therefore make a very different reasoning. Although after the first few years the maintenance will have a different cost and will be more frequent, the total amount, compared to the purchase of a new car, will undoubtedly be lower.

2. How long does a car perform

Of course, the answer is: it depends on the type of car. Some vehicles last longer and maintain their performance unchanged.

If the car does not have any particular mechanical problems and the only costs concern those of ordinary maintenance and the car insurance, there are no specific reasons to change it.

A car can maintain its efficiency for around 150,000 km, over a period of around 10 years . As already mentioned, keeping a car beyond the age of 13 can become expensive due to the increased maintenance costs.

If, on the other hand, we are talking about a car with factory defects or having an accident, then it may be advantageous to get another one.

3. How many kilometers is a car still efficient

Kilometers tell a lot about a car’s history, but not everything! It is not only the kilometers traveled that give us an idea of ​​the state and functionality of the vehicle. The use of the vehicle must be considered.

If the car is exclusively for private family use, therefore short journeys and sporadic journeys, it will devalue after approximately 50,000 km. But this does not preclude the good performance of the vehicle.

If, on the other hand, the car is used daily for long journeys, perhaps for work reasons, then it is necessary to make a different discord: if you use the car often, it must always offer excellent performance, therefore it is normal that it has more kilometers than media and, above all, that it is necessary to change it more often.

4. How much does power affect the efficiency of a car

The type of power supply has a great influence on the wear and performance of a car! A petrol engine , if treated with due care, can last up to 300,000 km.
If we talk about a small displacement car, the duration decreases, going down to 150,000-180,000 km.

Diesel engines are perfect when you travel many kilometers, they are ideal cars for long and frequent journeys; precisely for this reason they have a duration of about 400,000 or even 500,000 km; 300,000 for the smaller displacements.

LPG- powered cars are in line with petrol-powered ones, in fact they can reach 250,000 km and exceed 10 years of activity. As this is an LPG engine, maintenance must not be neglected to ensure good performance on the road.

5. It is worth selling or scrapping

Also in this case there is no single answer.

After more than 10 years of activity without major maintenance, the costs of a car scrapping do not represent a big expense. To find out more, we recommend reading our article that illustrates the costs of scrapping .

Certainly, it will be cheap to sell a car with a considerable number of kilometers and over 10 years: it will now be significantly devalued.

On the other hand, if we are talking about a recently registered car or a 5/6 year old car, it is a good idea to think about a sale. In this article we give you some useful advice for selling your used to private individuals !

Watch out for devaluation! You will find on several sites and blogs that cars lose 20% of their market value every year .
However, this is not a true statement : if it were true, after 5 years your car would be worth 32.78% of the initial value, so you should sell it at 1/3 of the value on the new one. For example, a
new Fiat Panda purchased for € 10,000 after 5 years should cost 3,500, but just take a quick look online and compare prices to realize that you won’t find any below € 4,500!

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