When is World Environment Day 2021 celebrated?

Human and environment depend completely on each other. For example, if there is a slight change in our climate, its effect is immediately seen in our body. If the cold gets too much, then we get cold, if the heat is too much then we are not able to tolerate it. This is just a human thing.

If we see the same thing connected to the whole human race, then the loss will be even greater. The tragedy that happened some time ago such as the incessant rainfall in Kedar Nath, Assam’s fence, etc. are examples of this.

When is World Environment Day 2021 celebrated? (World Environment Day 2021 Date)

It is celebrated every year from 5th June to 16th June. These days trees are planted everywhere, and many works related to environment are done. In which June 5 has special significance.

The most important thing is that every human being today should make efforts to keep the environment balanced at its level. Because being free from serious problems like environmental pollution, it is not a matter of bus for any group. This problem cannot be overcome by applying any rules or laws. It is possible only if everyone thinks about its consequences and thinks about their next generation.

Theme of World Environment Day 2019 (W orld Environment Day 2019 Theme)

Every year’s World Environment Day is celebrated with some theme, and this topic is specifically meant to draw attention to one of the concerns of the environment. In the year 2019, this topic is ‘ air pollution ‘. This year’s theme has been chosen to prevent air contamination due to various reasons such as smoke from machines used in factories, smoke from vehicles. Also how can we change our everyday lives, so that we can reduce the amount of air pollution, and how to thwart global warming and its ill effects on our health. Special attention will be given to this.

Theme of World Environment Day 2018 (W orld Environment Day 2018 Theme)

World Environment Day is organized every year according to a theme that specifically focuses on environmental concerns. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is ” ending plastic pollution “. This year’s theme urges governments, industries, communities and individuals to come together and find good options to fight the plastic threat. The use of plastic is not free from health hazards, and it mainly contaminates the sea, which is harmful to living organisms in the water. The main objective of bringing this year’s theme is to reduce the pollution that spreads from it.


World Environment Day 2019 Hosting Country (W orld Environment Day 2019 Hosting Country)

World Environment Day is celebrated all over the world to spread awareness towards the environment. Therefore, every year one country takes responsibility for it, and then an official ceremony is held there. Focusing on the host country helps in meeting environmental challenges. This year i.e. in 2019, China is the hosting country to celebrate World Environment Day. China has been made the host country for World Environment Day this year because China has emerged as a climate leader with its growing green energy sector. By hosting World Environment Day 2019, the Chinese government will be able to progress towards its innovation and a clean environment.

Program and way of celebrating World Environment Day 2019 (W orld Environment Day 2019 Events and Celebrations)

The Chinese government has shown commitment to organize the World Environment Day Celebration program in several cities, as well as Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province, to host the main event. Through these programs, people will be encouraged by China to reduce the death rate due to air pollution and save their lives.

Every year due to air pollution, people are dying due to not consuming pure air. And this figure is increasing day by day. In such a situation, World Environment Day is celebrated every year to urge governments, industries and individuals to improve air quality in cities and regions around the world by exploring new energy and green technologies. And this is also the main purpose of celebrating this day every year.

Some ideas of World Environment Day (W orld Environment Day Quotes)

  1. Water is H2O, in which hydrogen is 2 parts and oxygen is 1 part, but there is also a third thing that makes it water and no one knows what it is.
  2. Earth is our mother, she will love us forever even after we harm our mother.
  3. An environmentally friendly car will soon become an option as well as a necessity.
  4. There is no passenger on the spaceship Earth, we are all crew.
  5. Nature is painting for us, which shows pictures of endless beauty every day.
  6. It is not pollution that is causing harm to the environment, it is impurity in our air and water that is doing it.
  7. It is our duty to preserve the beauty of the environment.
  8. Earth has a skin that has many diseases, one of these diseases is called a human being.
  9. If civilization has grown from the Stone Age, then the trash can rise again from the paper era.
  10. It is not the sun that dries the plants to death but it is the man who kills the trees gradually.

Slogans on World Environment Day (W orld Environment Day Slogan)

  1. Global warming: We have a solution, stop pollution.
  2. Save the environment, by which you will be able to save your life and future.
  3. The world has potential for human needs, but not for human greed.
  4. Start today… tomorrow will be safe. Clean our climate.
  5. Preventing pollution is the best solution.
  6. Environment is a reward for us, keep it clean and safe.
  7. Environment is everything, do not spoil it.
  8. Follow greenery, but leave bad habits.
  9. Work together to bring happy weather.
  10. Consume not eating plants: Do not cut trees and forests.
  11. Make the environment your enemy, not your friend.
  12. Earth is our home, and environment protect both its roof.
  13. Do not compromise with greenery, it is the soul of the environment.
  14. Greenery is a natural scene, keep it forever.
  15. To prevent environmental health hazards, celebrate World Environment Day every day, and plant a tree.

Definition of Environment / What is Environment? ( Environment Definition)

Generally speaking, environment means the environment around us and the elements contained in it and the living beings in it. We include air, land, water, animals, birds, plants etc. in our environment.

It is worth noting that environment does not only mean the physical environment around us, but our social and cultural environment is also included in it. Social, cultural, economical, biological, and physical, all the elements that affect human, are included in the environment.

Types of environmental pollution ·                          Water pollution

·                          Land contamination

·                          Air pollution

·                          Noise pollution

Due to environmental pollution ·                          Factory smoke

·                          Polluting the river

·                          Throwing the dirty of home industry into the open

·                          Playing loud loudspeaker

Environmental prevention measures ·                          Population control

·                          Factories away from the city and increasing the height of the chimney

·                          Add good oil to two wheelers so that they do not leave black smoke

·                          Plant more

·                          Put garbage in its box

What is air pollution? And its information (what is air pollution? And its details)

When toxic substances are found in the atmosphere, ie in the air, which are harmful to human health and the planet as a whole, then we call it air pollution.

Causes of Air Pollution

Air pollution occurs due to various reasons which are as follows –

  • Domestic: –The main source of domestic air pollution is cooking through fossil fuels, wood and other biomass-based fuels. About 3.8 million premature deaths occur every year due to domestic air pollution.
  • Industry: –Energy production is a major source of air pollution in many countries. In which coal burning power plants have a major contribution, in such a situation it has become a concern in the off-grid areas due to the product like diesel generator.
  • Transport: –About a quarter of the energy in the global transport sector emits carbon dioxide, and this ratio is constantly increasing. Due to which the rate of death due to this is also increasing.
  • Agriculture: – Thereare two major sources of air pollution related to agriculture, the first is livestock that produce methane and ammonia, and the second is to burn agricultural waste. Around 24 percent of all greenhouse gases emitted worldwide are used for agriculture, forest and other land. Due to which air pollution occurs.
  • Waste: –Burning of waste in the open and organic waste in landfill emits harmful dioxin, furan, methane and black carbon in the atmosphere. Due to which such toxins are mixed in the air in the atmosphere. Globally, an estimated 40 percent of the waste is burned openly.
  • Other sources: –Air pollution is not only due to human activities but also some causes like volcanic eruptions, dust storms and other natural processes that can cause this problem. Particularly in this is the mixing of sand and dust particles in the air.

Solutions to Reduce Air Pollution

  • If we burn less gasoline then it will help to reduce the harmful effects of climate change and better air pollution.
  • You can make good choices for transportation like if you can walk, walk, bike or use public transport. Choose cars for driving that get better mills per gallon, or if you choose electric cars, it will be even better.
  • You can also check your power provider option. And may request that your power supply be done by wind or solar.
  • Apart from this, instead of burning fossil fuels or gals etc. for cooking food in your home, use LPG gas cylinders or electric gas i.e. induction gas, which will make it easier to stop air pollution.
  • Most important, support the schemes being run by the government to take responsible steps on clean air, water and climate change in your country.
  • Along with all this, to save your health from air pollution, you should pay attention to the fact that whenever you go to exercise, you should stay away from heavy traffic roads. And if the weather outside is bad then keep the windows of your house closed, and stay indoors. Apply sunscreen, because when ultraviolet rays come through the weak ozone layer, it can damage the skin and even cause skin cancer.

In this way, you can keep yourself and the atmosphere clean and healthy by following the above measures to avoid air pollution.

Environment Pollution Cause

If seen, there are many reasons for environmental pollution . Every little action we make can be the cause of unintentional environmental pollution. We are highlighting some main activities here.

  • Industrial Activity: Industrial activity means residues coming out of man-made industries (factory) pollute our environment. But it is also not possible that in this race of development we ignore our development to protect our environment. But by taking care of some things, we can save our environment from harm. We can also avoid air pollution by getting factory chimneys high and environmental pollution can be controlled to a great extent by following the standards that have been set for factories. But if any negligence is done by a factory, then its terrible consequences come, Bhopal gas tragedy is an example of this.
  • Pollution caused by the smoke of vehicles: Nowadays more members are present in the house than there are members in the house. The young child of the house also likes to drive besides bicycle. Now-a-days, if someone is seen walking on the road, then people look at him with surprise. People go on the morning walk for fear of keeping their health right, but if they ask the same people to go to the office on foot, they will never be ready. I would like to tell such people that it is your duty to take care of your health as well as the health of the environment. If you can not walk, then at least keep in mind that clean fuel is used in your vehicles so that less smoke comes out and the environment is less polluted.
  • Urban Causes and Modernization:Urbanization and modernization are the main causes of environmental pollution. It has become common for humans to ignore the environment in their own pleasures of convenience. Man is felling trees without thinking. An example of this was seen in my own city, when the officials present here had destroyed the lush green gardens to make the city beautiful and cut down the trees that have become the identity of the city without thinking. But they probably forget that the air we need to live our life meets these trees. Along with small trees, cutting of big forests is also common nowadays, but as soon as the forest cutters forget that along with the cutting of the forests, they take away the habitat of many animals.
  • Population density:Increasing population is also the main cause of environmental pollution. In a country where the population is constantly increasing, the problem of living and eating is also increasing continuously. And does not attach any importance to the human environment for its amenities, but he forgets that without the environment his happiness is only for some time.

Environmental Protection Measures 

By the way, there is no such fast technique, so that environmental pollution can be controlled immediately. But human beings can definitely reduce this problem with their small efforts. Here we would like to tell a few things, which can be controlled by environmental pollution.

  • Till date, it is not possible to pick up and shift the factories which have been established till now, but now it is necessary for the government to keep in mind that the new factories opened should be away from the city. The pollution caused by them should not affect the people of the city.
  • Human beings should control the pollution caused by them as much as possible, as far as possible to reduce the use of vehicles, by using public transport, some contribution can be made to reduce this problem. Our scientists should also think in this direction how to overcome this harmful smoke.
  • Severe punishment should be given on the cutting of forests and rewards should be given to the person planting new trees.
  • If the harmful substance of the factory can be refreshed, it should be done.

Poem on Environment

What did the tree-cutters think, what did they think for a moment, they ruined the house of Parinde, what did they think, in a moment, they got rid of the strong hold of the earth, how many acres they were, they became barren, the weather was moved , in a moment Do not disrespect the environment, it is an insult to the earth. Every tree plant and live animal is respected on this earth, if you will play with balance, then there is only deep darkness in the future


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