When is the official anniversary of Google as a company?

One of the largest and most emblematic technology and software companies that have been created has been the renowned Google. Which has served many of us not only because of its usefulness as a search engine on websites for information that we want, but throughout its history it has innovated with different services that facilitate and make our daily lives more comfortable.

In this sense, we will tell you a little more in depth about the history of this technological giant. What were its beginnings, who gave the main idea and how it developed little by little to the point of being more than a search engine, a tool that is too important for many people, companies and organizations.

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  1. How many years has Google existed as a search engine?
  2. What is the history of the creation of Google?
  3. Since when do Google Doodles exist?
  4. Who is the main creator of Google?
  5. What are the most important events that have happened to Google?

How many years has Google existed as a search engine?

It is said that the Google search engine was created on September 7, 1998, where without thinking about it, some fifteen years later it would become the best and favorite search engine by many users around the world. As of today, it is assumed that he already has 23 years at the service and disposal of all those who are connected to the network and wish to carry out a search.

What is the history of the creation of Google?

For its part, the history of Google that we know today is that since its inception it was based on being an experiment created by two university students , in order to facilitate the search for information through an engine where very easily to explore and get what you were looking for.

In this way, in 1996 this project began to be developed for Stanford University, United States. Therefore, as a result, a web domain was created and designed that could fulfill the wishes that both inventors wanted to have.

However, the idea took a long time to be developed as such, since as they were young students, they did not have enough money that the investment required to be able to potentiate the search engine, so they even thought about abandoning the project because it consumed them long time.

But they were given the initiative to seek investment and they obtained it, so it was already in 1998 that Google was finally launched , the most innovative and high-capacity search engine created to date. After its launch, it became very popular and the organization grew at an enormous rate during the first decade of the 21st century as it acquired other important companies that it developed and therefore offers a good number of services today.

Since when do Google Doodles exist?

The Doodles are those icons or special designs that appear on the home page of Google when a particular date is celebrated and important for the world, a specific region or country. But these also have a history of birth, the first was launched on August 30, 1998 when the final phase of the platform was beginning.

However, the one that had the greatest impact and gained popularity that it retains today was the one made for the beta version of Google, which was made available to the public in October of the same year, but from there it is that these peculiar designs have been visualized over the years and that their purpose is to make the official page of the search engine much more attractive and dynamic, in addition to highlighting the culture, events and history.

Who is the main creator of Google?

Actually, it is not possible to define a single person as the creator of Google, since it was due to the work of two young people. The curious thing about the case is that they did not know each other while they were studying at the same Faculty, but with the passage of time there they got to know each other and they did not get along very well from the beginning.

However, when it came to creating a common idea, they both began to work very well to the point of becoming partners and co-founders of Google. They are Larry Page and Sergey Brin , who were in charge of designing, programming and building the best search engine ever.

What are the most important events that have happened to Google?

  1. Creation of Gmail(email) that later gave way to other projects such as Drive , Google Docs, etc …
  2. In 2006 the Android was launched (operating system for mobiles and tablets), from there also began the development of applications and more advanced technology.
  3. Acquisition of YouTube(Google’s main social network), where videos of all kinds began to be published and later it was lent to carry out advertisements.
  4. satellite companyis bought and based on that it was allowed to create what is known today as Google Maps .
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