Outsourcing – is the transfer of certain areas of activity to specialized companies by the organization; Typically, those areas that do not include the direct activities of this organization. Such an approach avoids the need for continued investment in non-priority areas, reducing direct and indirect costs, including tax costs.

IT outsourcing – is the transfer of some or all of the manufacturing functions related to information systems (their organization, operation, development, etc.) to a specialized company that performs all of these functions in the manner that it would perform within the organization. IT department.

The rapid development of information technologies puts organizations at the forefront of the need to build powerful IT structures that are costly and costly. Otherwise, due to the lack of qualified specialists or insufficient capacity of this structure, it will be impossible for the organization to keep up to date with all the innovations and their timely implementation, which in itself leads to unjustified costs. International practice shows that it is more advantageous for organizations to work with specialized companies with specialized specialists than to build up and maintain full (sufficient) IT infrastructure.

In short, IT outsourcing – this is the optimized allocation of assets of the organization. It is enough to solve the only problem – to build trust between the donor and the executing organizations – and everything else takes on mutually advantageous forms.

Outsourcing is effective for the organization facing the following tasks:

  • Increase the efficiency of IT infrastructure and information systems services;
  • Reduce the overall time and number of IT systems failures;
  • Improving the quality of IT-services for consumers;
  • Increasing the efficiency and reliability of IT infrastructure components;
  • Operational expansion of IT services with qualified resources;
  • Increase the efficiency of operation of distributed multiservice systems;
  • Creation of complex and territorially scattered IT infrastructure and / or increasing the efficiency of its operation;
  • Optimizing IT resource management processes
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