What Is Consonant Meeting;When a consonant and a vowel meet together

Consonant meeting is the meeting of two or more consonants , without a vowel between them. [ 1 ] There are two basic types of consonant clusters:

  • consonant + lor r – are meetings that belong to the same syllable , called perfect:

pr a-to, pl a-ca, bl u-sa, tr ei-no, a- tl e-ta, cr -se, cl a-ve, fr an-co, fl an-co, Br i- ga.

  • two consonants belonging to different syllables, called imperfect – is what happens in:

a bd i-car, su b-s o-lo, d-v o-ga-do, d-m i-tir, l-g e-ma, co r-t e

There are consonant groups that appear at the beginning of words ; they are, therefore, inseparable: pn eu-mo-ni-a, ps i-co-se, gn o-mo.Sequence of two or more consonants, without an intermediate vowel, as long as they do not constitute a digraph. They can occur in the same syllable or not (perfect / proper or imperfect / improper) – pe-dra, cla-ro, por-ta, lis-ta.

The gn, mn, pn, ps, pt, bt and tm encounters are not very common. When initial, they are inseparable. When medial, they create a more difficult pronunciation. (gnome / dignified, ptialina / apt).When x corresponds to cs, there is a phonetic consonant cluster . In this case, x is called a diphen (di = two; phono: sound)

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