WhatsApp will delete your account if you do not accept the new agreement

I think you’ve heard that late last year, WhatsApp invited users to accept a new agreement, in which it warned of plans to leak their data to Facebook. Despite the fact that the messenger had previously belonged to a social network, its management never allowed itself to talk about leaking user data. Of course, this caused the most negative reaction, and WhatsApp had to first postpone the introduction of the new rules, and then begin to explain that the data leak was not meant at all what everyone thought. In general, it became clear that the management of the messenger was afraid of the audience churn. But then she suddenly changed her mind and went to extreme measures.

WhatsApp will stop working normally for users who do not accept the new agreement

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WhatsApp left no way out for users and obliged everyone to accept the user agreement with all the provisions described earlier. That is, the obligation to consent to the provision of your data to Facebook has not gone away.

This must be done before May 15 inclusive. Otherwise, those who refuse will face a number of serious restrictions. No, access to the messenger will not be blocked at all, but it will no longer be possible to use it in the same way as before.

What happens if you do not accept the WhatsApp agreement

At first, WhatsApp published such messages in the media to justify itself, and then dropped the case.

Here are the restrictions awaiting refuseniks:

  • You cannot write private messages;
  • You cannot read messages;
  • You cannot write messages to groups;
  • You cannot receive messages from groups;
  • You cannot make audio calls;
  • You cannot make video calls;
  • You cannot export your messages;
  • You cannot save a backup.

You don’t have to search for one yourself to accept an agreement. WhatsApp will offer it after installing one of the following updates. Therefore, if nothing bothers you, you can simply agree to the new terms and conditions and continue using the service.

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The only thing you can do is receive notifications and calls, and delete accounts. But even then, it will be a temporary phenomenon. Anyway, WhatsApp writes that these privileges will be available to users who refuse to accept the new agreement for a short period of time.

It turns out that in the end, access to the application for refuseniks will still be blocked. The user will have 120 days after May 15, during which he can accept the new agreement, after which his account will be permanently deleted.

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WhatsApp’s new rules do not take into account the interests of users at all

To be honest, what WhatsApp offers is absolute disrespect for users. Not only did the management of the messenger say that they were planning to merge their data to the side, they still did not leave them the opportunity to refuse.

They were literally faced with a dilemma: either you agree to sell your privacy, or you don’t use the service you’re used to. This is an incredibly brazen and inhuman approach that does not take into account the interests of users, but only satisfies the need for Facebook to make money.

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I understand perfectly well that in order to remain free, WhatsApp must somehow monetize. But his management, unlike Telegram, initially chose a path that does not imply ensuring user privacy.

Therefore, trading user data was only a matter of time. It’s just that a company that initially defined users as a product, and not as a customer to fight for, could not do otherwise. And if so, then there is nothing particularly surprising.


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