WhatsApp: how to know if one of your contacts blocked you?

There are several ways to check if one of your WhatsApp contacts has it blocked.

If you have been blocked in this messaging app, it will be impossible for you to access certain types of information, in addition to the fact that you will not be able to exchange messages with the contacts who have blocked you in the past. The messages you send will never be received, you will not be able to view the profile photo and you will not be able to call these contacts, among other things.

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If you’ve ever wondered if a contact is blocked or not, keep these recommendations in mind:

  1. View the profile photo. The contacts who have blocked you will have one thing in common: you will not be able to see their profile photos and the default gray image will appear. However, it is possible that the profile photo of a contact will not appear because: (1) they do not have a profile photo, (2) they only have the profile photo view enabled for contacts that are saved in their phonebook. and you are not part of that group and (3) temporary connection problems.
  2. Your messages are not reaching you. If a person has it blocked you will not be able to write to them and when they try to send a message they will never be received. To identify that a message was never received you can see that only a gray pimp appears in your message (‘Sent’).

    Not necessarily because the message ‘Received’ does not appear means that they blocked it. This can happen because (1) the recipient has the cell phone turned off and / or with connection problems and (2) changed accounts.

  3. You cannot call him. If a user has it blocked, the calls (by WhatsApp) will not work. They just won’t go in and will instantly fall off. However, the fact that a call does not work can lead to connection problems.
  4. You cannot add it to groups. This is one of the most effective measures. If you try to add a blocked contact to a group, this function cannot be completed.

    If you are added to a group in which there is a contact who has blocked it, this will not affect the dynamics in the group. That is, you and the contact will be able to send and view messages. However, you will not be able to respond privately or write to you at any time.

NOTE: You, under no circumstances, will be able to get them to unlock it if the other user does not give authorization directly in their WhatsApp.

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