What’s the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival?

Description and History

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is an annual international balloon festival held in October in Albuquerque. The festival held at the Balloon Fiesta Park lasts nine days. The first of the fiesta took place at 1972 on the 50th anniversary of the 770 KOB radio. During the first event, only thirteen balloons were available, due to the higher number of balloons ever flown at an event (England held the record at balloons 19). Cutter Flying Service and the radio organized the event, which attracted more viewers than 20,000. Hosting the first world ballooning championships in February, 1974 established Albuquerque as an international hot air balloon destination.

Party growth

The party began as a small ceremony in a 1972 parking lot. The following year, the balloon festival became an international event and since then it has become the biggest ball party in the world. The success of the party is linked to the appropriate meteorological conditions that favor the flight in a hot air balloon and the immense support that the event receives from the local and international community regarding financing and participation. The event is scheduled for the first week of October, when the morning temperatures are cool, allowing for an efficient launch of the balloons. Furthermore, contributing to the success of the fiesta is the Albuquerque box with its predictable wind patterns, which allow hot air balloons to navigate in their craft.


The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta consists of a series of events including the dawn patrol, mass ascents and hot air balloon races and balloon glows in the morning and evening and races. The dawn patrol involves the launch of a hot air balloon at dawn by a team of dawn patrol, which helps assess the weather conditions and the properties of the wind. Mass ascension is probably the biggest party event with balloons hurling over two waves. This massive launch creates a colorful sky filled with balloons, which is a unique and attractive site for local and international tourists. Specialists and directors are present during the event to coordinate the launching and landing of balloons. In addition to activities related to the balloon,


The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is an important tourist event that attracts around one million visitors each year. Even the events that take place during the festival are a great attraction, the atmosphere of illuminated balloons created in the night during the glow of the balloons. Tourists enjoy taking pictures of this event, making it the most photographed event in the world. The tourists participating in the festival have had a great impact both directly and indirectly on the local population through the creation of employment and commercial opportunities for shops, food and accommodation facilities.

Attending the party

The festival attracts thousands of people from all over the world, including tourists and event participants. To attend and enjoy the event first hand, you need to book tickets for each session. These tickets can be obtained online from the official website (balloonfiesta.com) or at the gate. Tickets are a must to enter the park. Generally, there are fourteen party sessions with a variety of family events to choose from. To have the best experience during the party, visitors are invited to check the program to participate in the events they are interested in and to avoid losing exciting activities.

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