What you need to know before installing iOS 15

Apple released the first public beta of iOS 15 this week . It is called public because everyone who signs up for the early access program can install it. To do this, you just need to go to the Apple website and click on the registration button. You will immediately be able to download the beta profile , which will open access to the test build of the update. So there is nothing difficult to do beta testing. Whether it is worth doing is another matter. Let’s try to find out.

iOS 15 is still in beta, and I would not recommend installing it

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In general, before installing the beta version of iOS , ask yourself why you need it. If you are a developer and need to know what to prepare your application for, this is one thing. But, if you intend to do testing just for your own interest, think again.

IOS 15 beta issues

The first beta of any iOS version is likely to be more problematic than positive.

No, I’m serious. Even though Apple gives users every opportunity to participate in the beta testing program, this is not something that I personally would like to do. Well, see for yourself:

Beta version – that’s why beta is not ready yet . Before releasing an update, Apple must collect user feedback on how the operating system functions, what bugs and flaws it has, and what needs to be fixed. You will have to be convinced of this from your own experience, but there is nothing pleasant about it. Betas are sluggish and lack the speed of stable builds, and sometimes suffer from low autonomy.

Installing beta versions can be problematic . There are frequent cases when some kind of failure occurs, which entails serious negative consequences. The most common is the automatic deletion of data saved on the device, as well as data that was stored in iCloud . The latter happens less often, but, as practice shows, it happens from time to time. So be wary of this.

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Another negative aspect of beta testing is that it makes no sense to install them only by the 3-4th , and sometimes even by the 5th build. The fact is that usually Apple tries not to implement all the innovations at once. Instead, it scatters them over time and adds them to test builds over time. So it makes no sense to install the first beta version right away. After all, most of the planned innovations are not there.

But there are also applications . As a rule, developers do not have time to adapt their applications for a test build, and many do not want to do this at all. Therefore, you may face the fact that some types of software will either work incorrectly on the updated device, or will not work at all. So you will be left without in-demand applications. Do you need it?

What you need to know before installing iOS 15

Installing the public beta is as simple as registering

But, if you are aware of exactly why you need the beta version, and you are ready to install it. There are a few things to be aware of:

Install only public assemblies . While developer beta profiles are publicly available, developer builds tend to be less secure and less stable. Therefore, Apple releases them first for those who are able to solve the problems that have arisen if something happens. And already verified versions of updates are submitted to public testing.

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Pre- save a backup copy . While the risk of losing iCloud data remains, it is quite small. And the backup will allow you to restore all the information and settings that were on your device before installing the beta version. This is a strictly mandatory aspect that should never be ignored. Moreover, you will also need a copy for rollback.

Download test versions of iOS only through the built-in update tool. Despite the fact that the web is full of resources where the installation files are placed separately for convenience, I would not recommend downloading them. After all, it can be unsafe because you never know what is hiding in these files, let alone where they came from. So don’t risk it. We have instructions on how to install the beta versions of iOS – and follow it.

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