What Xiaomi speaker to buy? Comparison and features

It is a rare home where there are no multiple speakers today. Smart, portable speakers that we take to the pool … Beyond the many headphones that the Chinese brand has, there are also Xiaomi speakers that allow us to listen to music with friends, family or at home. Intelligent or not, there are not many speakers that Xiaomi has for sale today, but there are several models that we can choose from.

What to look for?

What should we take into account when choosing one speaker or another?

  • Waterproof

One of the interesting points when choosing between one speaker and another is whether it is waterproof. We are spending more and more time outdoors and looking for options to enjoy with friends on the terrace, in the park, on the beach or in the pool. That it is waterproof gives us that extra security that makes us know that it will continue to work, even if it suffers an unexpected dip.

  • Wireless or not

It is important to know the use that we are going to give it to know if we can have it plugged in or not. It is not the same to use a speaker to listen to music in the kitchen. It will depend on the location and the use that we have it plugged in or not.

  • Battery duration

If it is a wireless speaker we have to look at how long the battery will last. It is important to know the autonomy of the device to know how long you can have it on until the battery is recharged. It is interesting if you go on vacation, if you want to use them at parties or simply if you do not want to always be aware of recharging the battery to be able to listen to music when you feel like it.

  • Size and weight

The weight and size will depend on whether you want it to be portable or not . Or if you have a certain space at home and you want it to fit in that specific hole.

  • Applications

As it already makes sense in all the previous aspects, knowing what we are going to use it for is important when deciding between Xiaomi speaker models. It is not the same to use it as an alarm clock than to put music in your car , to take you to the pool or to ask questions in your living room.

  • Features and options

You may want it to be smart or not. The smart speakers not only have a built-in speaker but also a microphone so you can ask or ask.

Bluetooth Speakers

As we have said before, there are not too many Xiaomi speaker models in Spain but there are several options that we can choose from and all of them have in common that their final price is less than 50 euros so they are affordable devices and for all pockets regardless of what you need.

Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A 16W high-quality sound speaker. It has two sound modes, normal or with deep bass, so you can choose what you want at all times. It boasts quality and it is Xiaomi’s bet to have a waterproof but off-road speaker, with good autonomy and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. It has IPX7 water resistance and is easy to transport. It also includes a strap with which we can hang it on a backpack, bags or supports.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a built-in microphone and hands-free calls with a single button to answer the phone but it is also compatible with the voice assistant if we want to activate it. The autonomy is 13 hours for each charge with a capacity of 2,600 mAh so as not to be left half playing songs or podcasts. In addition, charging is done with a USB C cable.

It is available in blue and black colors and can be purchased in Spain from 39.99 euros on the official Xiaomi website or at brand outlets.

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker

It is the smallest, most affordable and comfortable if you are looking for Xiaomi speakers to take anywhere. It is compact and lightweight, fits in a pocket and has a strap to hang on backpacks, bikes, beach bags. It has a weight of only 54 grams and dimensions of 50 millimeters in diameter, so it will not matter if you want to take it with you on a trip because it does not weigh or take up much space.

It has a rechargeable battery with USB cable and a useful life of about six hours for each charge when the volume is at 80%, although it is estimated and may vary depending on the playback. It also has tactile options: you can accept a call, reject it, play or stop the music by touching the button or pressing briefly according to what we want at any time.

It works with a Bluetooth connection and is compatible with iOS and Android and has a wireless range of ten meters so you will not have to be right next to your mobile phone to ensure that the music will continue to play.

One of its strengths is its price: it is worth less than 10 euros

My Pocket Speaker 2

With a characteristic Xiaomi design in white and silver colors ( or in a black version) a minimalist speaker with a price of around 25 euros. It has an autonomy of about seven hours of music playback with a 1200 mAh battery .

The upper part of the speaker has a “hidden” button that will allow us to press it to turn it on or off, press to connect the Bluetooth or turn it in case we want to raise or lower the volume. Music is sent with Bluetooth 4.1 from any device and has a wireless range of about ten meters.

Like others on this list, it incorporates a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and is available in black or white for 24.99 euros at Xiaomi Epsaña.

Smart speaker

At the moment, Xiaomi only has one smart speaker in Spain: Mi Smart Speaker. Beyond speakers it also has built-in microphones.

My Smart Speaker

A Xiaom i brand smart speaker with a price of around 40 or 50 euros ( we can find it or not on sale) It is a 12W speaker with a 63.5-millimeter sound driver and with professional DTS adjustment . As explained from their website, a “high power and low distortion” sound in addition to multi-band dynamic response control algorithms.

Beyond the speakers, it has two high-amplitude microphones and touch controls so that we can ask, receive their answers or listen to what we want. At the top it has tactile buttons to increase or decrease the volume, control the music or turn off the microphone.

It works with the Google Assistant so the commands and “magic words” are the same as if you have a Home or Nest at home. You simply have to say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to ask it to play a song or to tell you how much traffic there is from home to work.


It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so we can pair it with any device and allows you to pair two similar speakers to enjoy “cinematic sound”, as promised by Xiaomi on its website. In addition, it is also compatible with Chromecast or with TVs with Chromecast built-in so you can tell the speaker to play Spotify or YouTube or a series on Netflix.

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