What was Jabez’s prayer?

abez’s prayer was a prayer made by an Israelite asking for God’s blessings on his life. The Bible says that God granted Jabez’s request. Jabez’s prayer shows that God hears our prayers and loves to bless us.

Not much is known about Jabez. He appears only once in the Bible, in 1 Chronicles 4: 9-10 , in the middle of a genealogy of the descendants of Judah, son of Jacob. His mother gave him the name Jabez, which means “sadness” or “suffering”, because his birth had caused him a lot of suffering.

Jabez became the most well-known and honorable man in his family. Despite having a name that indicated suffering, he was very blessed by God. Jabez prayed to God asking:

  • God’s blessing
  • The increase in their lands
  • God’s presence in your life
  • Protection from evil
  • Pain relief

And God did what Jabez asked.

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What can we learn from Jabez’s prayer?

God loves us and wants to bless us. He is good and is happy to brighten our lives. Jabez knew that God is the source of all blessings, the only one who can guarantee everything we need to live. In his prayer, he placed all hope for his life in the hands of God.

Jabez’s prayer was not a requirement, it was a humble request to God. He recognized that he needed God in his life to be blessed and did not seek help from other gods. In the same way, we can come to Jesus and ask for the blessing of His presence in our lives. He hears our prayers and cares for those who believe in him.

The Bible does not count how God responded to Jabez’s request or how long it took. It just says that God was faithful to him. Things don’t always happen on time, when we ask, but God has the right time for everything ( Ecclesiastes 3: 1 ). Jabez’s life is yet another guarantee that if we love God, we will be blessed with His presence.


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