What Video Card Do I Have in My Windows PC?

Many of you may be wondering: What video card do I have in my Windows PC ? This is a fairly frequent question that users ask themselves when they have to check the compatibility of the graphics card with some game or program. Or when they encounter problems with the operation of the video card itself. If you too are asking yourself this question then you are in the right place! This article summarizes the easiest ways to find out which graphics card is installed on your Windows PC / laptop.

Video card is also called graphics card, video adapter and video card. It is connected to a computer motherboard and generates output images for display. But how do you check the information on the graphics card?

Automatically discover graphics card details (recommended)
Check graphics card in Device Manager
Detect video card I have from Display Settings
Check video card details I have by running DxDiag


Method 1: Automatically Discover Graphics Card Details (Recommended)

You can find your video card information and fix any graphics card problems automatically using a program like Driver Easy ! With Driver Easy, you can easily retrieve the information of the video card you have installed in your Windows PC, and also export the details of your graphics card to your computer to share those details with anyone you want. Here’s how to know which video card I have in my computer:

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

After installation, the following initial window will open:

2) Once Driver Easy has started, click Hardware Information in the left pane (see figure above).

A new tab will open where you will already have an overview of your computer’s hardware information. Among these info there is also ” Video Card ” and next to the details. In our case we have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti video card .

3) For even more details click Graphics , and you will see detailed information of the graphics card in Windows. You can also get an overview of your computer hardware information, CPU, motherboard, and memory information with Driver Easy.

4) If you want to export the video card information and save it to your computer, click the Save as button (* .txt) , and you can select a folder on your PC to export and save the graphics / video card information. (This feature requires the Pro version and you will be prompted to upgrade to the full version after clicking the relevant button.)

In addition to discovering the video card you have in your Windows PC, with Driver Easy you can also automatically scan the information about the device drivers in and update them for better performance. Driver Easy automatically recognizes all the drivers on your computer and if it finds damaged or obsolete components, it repairs and updates them. If you need to update your video card driver in order to fix graphics or display issues, here are the simple steps to follow.

1) Run Driver Easy and click S cansion now . Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problematic drivers.

2) Click UPDATE next to the drivers you want to update or replace.

Or press the Update All button if there are many drivers to update and you don’t want to manually update them one by one. This massive function is only active with the PRO version of the program.

3) Restart your PC and then check that everything is working perfectly.

Method 2: Check Graphics Card in Device Manager

How to know what video card I have in my computer without installing additional software? The fastest way to check the graphics card in Windows 10 is through Device Manager . Device Manager provides a detailed view of all hardware on your Windows PC so that you can control hardware devices such as keyboards, sound cards, and graphics cards. Follow these instructions:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and X at the same time, then click Device Manager .

2) Double click on Video Cards to expand it and you will see which graphics card you have in your computer. In my case, I have two graphics cards, one Intel and one NVIDIA .

3) Right-click on the graphics card name and then select Properties .

4) You should now see a new panel with detailed information of the selected graphics card. You can see its general information, driver information, and more. Also, you can check the status of the device to see if it is working normally.

Method 3: Detect the video card I have from Display Settings

Another quick way to check the video card is from the display settings on the desktop. Display settings allow you to customize your desktop and change its settings. Here are the steps to follow.

1) Right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop and then click Display Settings .

2) Search and click on Advanced Display Settings .

3) In the following tab click on “Video card properties” and a window will open with all the information of the graphics card installed on your PC

Method 4: Find out what video card I have by running DxDiag

The third method to check the video card is to run DxDiag . DxDiag stands for DirectX Diagnostic . It is a useful tool for viewing system information about the graphics card and sound card. Here’s what to do.

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to bring up the Run box .

2) Type dxdiag and press Enter

3) Wait a few seconds for the app to load the information.

4) Click on the Display tab and you will be able to view information about the video card, including the driver type, date and version.

Note : You can also check if there are any problems with your device in the Notes section .

These are the effective ways on how to check the graphics card in Windows. Which method do you prefer among all those indicated in the guide? If you were wondering “what video card do I have in my PC”, well, now you have surely found your answer. If not, do not hesitate to write a comment below so that you can share your experience with everyone and find a solution to your problem. Currently the most popular (and best) video cards are as follows:

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
NVIDIA GeForce 2060 Super
NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2060
AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT

NVIDIA and AMD are certainly the masters and integrate the INTEL video cards that are less performing and used only for basic functions.

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