What to give grandmother for her birthday

To simplify the life of your grandmother, it is advisable to give her one of the gadgets offered below for an anniversary or other memorable date. The presented devices do not require special skills from the elderly. They have a simple and intuitive interface, they are irreplaceable helpers in everyday chores.

Pancake maker

The pancake maker is an ideal present from the category of what to give to a grandmother who loves to cook. With such a device, she can easily bake openwork pancakes with smooth edges that do not burn and do not stick to the surface.

A profitable and budget solution is the Russell Hobbs 20920-56 model . This pancake maker is equipped with all the options you need to make delicious “grandma’s pancakes”. The device is equipped with a power indicator, which can be used to determine if the device is connected to the mains.

The degree of heating can be adjusted using a dedicated button. The presence of a non-stick coating prevents sticking. It ensures that the pancakes are cooked evenly without excessive fat.

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Weather station

Such a thing is useful for meteo-sensitive elderly people. Such information is important for them, since weather conditions affect their well-being. Perhaps today it is better for them to refrain from going to the market for purchases.

The weather station determines the weather outside the window, performing a number of additional functions:

  • determines the air temperature;
  • measures atmospheric pressure;
  • reports the level of humidity and the likelihood of precipitation;
  • can be used as alarm clock, radio or clock.

An excellent option for a weather station at an affordable price is Sencor SWS51W , which is simultaneously an alarm clock, hygrometer, thermometer, clock, and also shows the date, weather forecast and moon phase. The display is backlit so that older people can easily see the numbers on the dial.

The meteorological station can be placed on the table, which will allow grandma to always have an accurate weather forecast at hand.

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Smartphone / mobile phone

An original gift for a grandmother can be a smartphone or a phone with a simple and intuitive interface. Having presented a push-button phone to your elderly relative, you can always stay in touch. Grandma will be able to call at any time if she needs help or wants to have a heart-to-heart conversation.

If the grandmother is far from modern technology, you can pick up a ” grandmother “, where there are a minimum of functions: a menu, a flashlight, an emergency call button and a radio. The listed functions are quite enough for an elderly grandmother, and mastering a new gadget will not cause any particular difficulties.

A suitable option would be the Alcatel 2019 (2019G) Metallic Gray model with large buttons and a large display. An enlarged font is installed to display the text, which will allow grandmothers to easily see the dialed number. The phone has a loud sound, so it will be impossible not to hear its ringing. The device also supports hearing aids, making it suitable for older people with hearing problems.

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Bread maker

The list of useful gadgets for grandmothers includes a bread maker . This is an original and useful present that will allow you to bake flavored bread with minimal effort. When buying, it is important to pay attention that the stove has a simple functionality and an understandable control panel.

For example, the Panasonic SD-2510WTS has four advantages.

  1. There is a convenient handle with which you can carry the device like a bucket.
  2. The stirrer stays in shape after baking, so an elderly person does not have to pick it out from freshly baked bread.
  3. You can set different degrees of roasting, which is important in those cases when, due to health problems, the grandmother cannot eat heavily fried bread.
  4. Installation of programs is carried out by mechanical buttons, so older people will not have any difficulties.

Having such a bread maker, grandmother will always be able to cook herself delicious, and most importantly, healthy pastries.

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Robot vacuum cleaner

Another option for a birthday present for your grandmother is a robot vacuum cleaner . This is a useful holiday gift. Such devices automatically maintain cleanliness in the house, doing the lion’s share of daily work instead of an elderly person.

For example, the ROWENTA Explorer Serie 40 RR7245 robot vacuum cleaner will quickly and efficiently cope with wet and dry cleaning. It is equipped with the Aqua Force system, which wipes the floors while sucking in dust particles. The device is equipped with an accurate navigation system that allows you to reach the entire home with high accuracy.

The device has an intuitive interface. You can set up the vacuum cleaner for voice control. Then the grandmother will not have to do anything except to give commands to the home assistant by voice.

The gadget works quietly, the noise level does not exceed 65 dB. It automatically adjusts to any type of surface, which is especially important for the elderly. Many of them still have carpets and old wood floors. The robot vacuum cleaner will be able to efficiently remove dust on any of these surfaces.

Summing up the rating of gifts for grandmothers, we propose to determine the cost of the proposed options. Estimated prices for useful gadgets are shown in the table:

Present for grandmother Price category
Pancake maker from 1349 UAH
Weather station from 659 UAH
Push-button telephone from 269 UAH
Bread maker from 2899 UAH
Robot vacuum cleaner from 3799 UAH

It is our moral duty to remember the close people who filled our childhood with care. After all, the time has come when you need to take care of them. Train grandmothers to use modern technologies from the presented list to make their life easier, safer and more interesting. By presenting any of the listed gadgets for their birthday or other event, you will help them keep up with the times, it will be easier to experience loneliness and not waste efforts on routine work.


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