What to do when the iPad does not play videos?

As the time of use of the equipment progresses, it may happen that your iPad does not play videos, which can cause a lot of concern.

Despite the fact that Apple equipment is recognized for the quality of its efficiency , it is not spared from this type of inconvenience, due to a common reason.

The truth is that the reason why this type of problem occurs is directly in the system. Especially in the type of use that the user gives  to the iPad. Since both aspects are the pillars of its operation.

It is advisable to put into practice each of the solutions that will be available below. In order to get to the true cause of the problem and learn to handle this type of problem.

If iPad isn’t playing videos, start by restarting your computer

One of the reasons why your device does not play videos may be because the system is overloaded with content or tasks , being unable to execute a new action.

Therefore, one of the first suggestions is to close all applications and functions . Mainly those that are operating in the foreground and background within the device.

Inside your iPad you can do it by accessing the multitasking screen, where you just have to slide all the application windows up to close them.

If you prefer to restart your computer, we recommend that the first application you open is the one you used to play the video and see if the problem has been solved. If the problem persists, you may need a better app to watch videos on your iPad .

Download the video instead of streaming it from YouTube or iTunes

If your iPad does not play videos from any of these platforms, the Internet connection may be the main cause of the problem . Applications like iTunes and YouTube have a download option. Through it you can download the video file and watch it even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Update the applications to their latest versions if your iPad does not play videos

When a software version becomes out of date, it tends to cause operational problems. This is because it is not trained for the level of demand of the user.

This is one of the most viable options, as updates are accompanied by new tools and improvements . This will help to find out if the old version is the reason for the playback failure. If the problem persists, your iPad may have a virus .

If you want to know if any of your apps needs updating, you can find out in the App Store. This has a section called “Update” or “Updates” that will indicate a list of programs that have new versions available.

In the event that the program you are using, and that it does not play your video, appears in the list, all you have to do is press the “Update” button to start the download.

Download the latest version of the software for iPads

If the problem that your iPad does not play videos persists, it may be caused by a failure within the operating system of the same .

Since configuring a system is a difficult and tedious process, especially being inexperienced on the subject, the best recommendation is to update the device to its latest version , because through improvements and new configurations, the problem could be solved.

Reset the device with its factory data

In case none of the above ideas have worked for you so far, restoring the factory data will allow you to use your iPad as if it were new.

This implies all the loss of files and content that are inside the storage of the device, so a backup is recommended .

To do this, follow the instructions in “How to restart your iPad and erase all content.” Once you start the device again, download the application used and check if the problem has been solved.

When you have found the cause, remember to ensure constant maintenance of the device to ensure its correct work, so that its useful life can be extended.


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