What to do when my Samsung Galaxy does not grab mobile data?

It has happened to you that, at the most pressing moment, your mobile device loses an internet connection and you do not have a Wi-Fi network available nearby . For some, the situation can literally be dramatic, while others are attacked by anxiety. In these cases, what can be done when my Samsung Galaxy does not grab the mobile data and it does not work?

Like all human realization, Android devices are exposed to error. For many advances that technology has made, equipment failures and deficiencies are the order of the day.

It happens then that you are at a crucial moment, you are in a business meeting, waiting for a connection through the network that is vital, or you are simply connected reviewing information and mobile data fails . But, in addition, unfortunately, there is no connection network at hand via Wi-Fi.

Another problem that can happen to us at some crucial moment is when we are out of battery or with low battery and our Samsung phone does not take charge.

What to do when my Samsung Galaxy does not grab mobile data?

The first thing to try is by restarting the computer. This is the most basic answer, but it sometimes happens that the Android can present deficiencies in some functions of the software and with a simple reset, everything returns to normal .

The next check that the user should do to find out why my Samsung Galaxy does not pick up mobile data is to see if the “Mobile data” option is activated.

The way to check if it is activated or not is very simple, on the screen of your computer, you slide down the notification shutter . There you will get a series of options that activate or deactivate various functions of your computer.

You go to the option that says “Mobile data”, if it is activated it will appear with a light on (usually blue), if it is not it will simply appear outlined in gray.

Disable Airplane Mode

Another possible reason to rule out why my Samsung Galaxy does not grab mobile data is that the “Airplane Mode” function is not enabled . It often happens that due to carelessness or mistakes, when the cell phone is loaded in the pocket, this function is activated.

The way to check this is also by resorting to the notification settings on the screen, sliding the notification shutter down, and checking that this function is not enabled, which, in turn, disables almost all of the basic functions of smartphones. including “Mobile Data”.

Coverage issues

The mobile data of your Android also depends on having good coverage. Many times when the data is not loaded, it is because the operator that provides services does not have a good signal or coverage in the place you are or, due to the conditions of the place, the signal reception is bad.

To check the type of reception, just check the coverage “bars” of the operator that appear at the top of the mobile screen. Another way is by checking the device’s “Settings” , specifically where it refers to the status of the SIM card.

If you have problems with data coverage and SIM card, try connecting your phone to a Wifi network . And if your device supports it, you can even try to connect to two Wi-Fi networks.

Data limit settings

In this exhaustive review to find out why my Samsung Galaxy does not grab mobile data, you can not put aside, evaluate the state of the data limit available to the user. In this section you must be careful that the configuration of the equipment allows. First the use of mobile data, and second, that the limit that is available is adequate.

In the notifications of “Mobile Data”, when you enter the “detail” you get a series of options including: “saving  data” that is also necessary to review because it can also block the use of them.

Another option is “ Mobile Data Notice and Billing Cycle ”. Entering it allows you to configure the amount of data that you can have per billing time, as well as notices when you are reaching the limit. If this option is not properly configured, it can block the use of mobile data on your Android.

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