What to do if the Orange connection doesn’t work for you?

Orange is down , it does not work, you cannot connect to the Internet, the WiFi signal does not turn on, you cannot navigate. What do we do? How do we claim? We explain what steps you must follow to solve the fault, to claim the incident or what the legal conditions say about compensating you for it.

It may be that the drop is global or simply a drop in our specific service. There can be thousands of different reasons why the Internet does not go, from a rat that has eaten a cable until you do not have your mobile phone or your computer properly configured. It is difficult to find the exact reason but we can rule out possible problems by following these steps. In addition, we explain what Orange collects in its conditions if there is a service interruption: what financial compensation you are entitled to or how you can claim it.

Orange is failing?

If you think that Orange is failing for everyone, you can quickly check it through specialized websites in crashes or errors. We can know if the error is generalized (we will have no choice but to complain to record the incident and claim) or if it is ours and we can do something to solve it (as we will explain in the following paragraphs) In that case, there is Websites like Downdetector that show us maps and timelines in which we will see the errors.

Downdetector is a web page that allows you to detect errors reported by users. You can see the last 24 hours in a crash chart. In this case, check if there is a peak in the last hours and you will know if there are users who have the same error.


We can also check incidents by area through a heat map in which we can zoom in on our city or neighborhood to see if there are more people for whom Orange does not work. Simply search for “Orange” among the options that Downdetector allows and you will access the graphics.

Another valid option is that we go to the Twitter search engine and look for “Orange” or “Orange is failing”, “Orange does not work”. In all these searches, if we filter by more recent tweets, we will find if someone is also suffering from the error.

Where this error?

Once we have ruled out that Orange’s downfall is global, the first thing to check is where the error is. It may be only on your mobile phone or it may be on your computer. Or on all devices. We must check if the failure is generalized in our house (problem in the router or in the service) or if it is simply a device that is causing the error. We must know if it is a failure in the Internet connection or in a specific device or cable.

On mobile phone

There are some basic checks that we can do on our mobile phone to rule out that the error is in the smartphone itself. Or to fix it, in case you just got stuck. The first, of course, restart. It is something that seems absurd but it works many times. Once we have verified that this is not the solution, there are a few things we can check: WiFi or data rate not working? Do we have everything correctly activated? Is there any app causing the error?

Check all the apps

Check all the applications or many of them, check to surf the Internet. That your WhatsApp messages are not sent does not mean that the Internet does not work but simply the application may have been temporarily blocked or there may be a specific error that makes something not work. For example, the WiFi is too slow and the browser does not load but that does not mean that the Internet does not work or, at least, it does not mean that Orange is down.

Remove Airplane Mode

Like restarting, it is one of the first steps we take and it may seem unnecessary but it is usually useful. A truism that took us a couple of seconds to discard. Turn off Airplane Mode if you’ve accidentally turned it on. Or toggle it on and off to “reset” your connections. Just go to Settings and Mobile networks. From here you will find the airplane mode and we can activate or deactivate.

Data and WiFI

Another of the first steps we can take with our mobile is to check both connections. Orange is down or WiFi not working for some reason? Try checking with mobile data if the connection is working. It may be the fault of the WiFi, the fiber in general, the phone. Test if disconnecting the WiF i solves with mobile data and test the opposite: disconnect the mobile data and connect the WiFi in case this solves the problem. We will be discarding options.

Tranquility Orange

If you think that your phone is broken and it is the fault that the Internet does not work (because it works in the rest of the devices, for example, and you have tried everything) Orange has the Tranquility Orange service that is included at no cost in many rates . What the service offers is that if your mobile breaks down and you want to repair it, you can have a replacement temporarily. In addition, the repair will be free if it is covered by the warranty and they will send the phone to your nearest store so you will make sure that your phone has a solution.

The Tranquility Orange service is included in the Go Up, Go Top, Love Unlimited, Love Family Unlimited and Love Family Total rates. It is included in the Love rates on the main lines. In the case of an additional line, you must have an unlimited rate for this service to be free. If not, you won’t have it.

Keep in mind that if you want to hire it or use it, you must call 1470 . When you have a breakdown, simply call 1470 so they can tell you what to do.

At home

If you have the problem in more than one device, Orange may be down at home, the French operator may not work on your cable connection or on WiFi. If we have already ruled out that it is not a global crash, we can make a series of checks on our computer or on our router to see what happens.

Test your cables and your WiFi connection

The first thing we have to rule out is where the problem is . If you think that Orange does not work on your computer due to a drop in fiber, try options. If you have it wired, try another. Try another Ethernet cable you have around the house and try another network port in another room or directly connected to the router to rule out that it is simply a mistake in the cable. If you are connected via WiFi, disconnect the network and connect by cable . Try all possible options to rule out that it is simply a connection problem.

Check the router

If the problem is in the WiFi, we can check the router. First of all, check that the WiFi LED light is activated on the front of it. Try to restart or reset (the difference between both will be in the loss of registered information)

Turn on and turn off

Turning the router off and on is one of the common ways to solve any specific problem with the Internet. In addition, in the specific case of Orange, three advantages that are achieved with this process stand out:

  • We improve Internet performance
  • We improve the local network because you restart the connectivity of the devices
  • We improve the quality of the WiFi looking for a channel with less interference

Factory reset and reset

If the reset doesn’t work, please do a factory reset. It will be one of the usual steps that they tell you by phone if you call because Orange is down or does not work so you can save yourself the procedure. Look for a sharp object and click on the Reset hole that you will find on the operator’s router. Hold down for fifteen seconds and release after this time. The lights will have been turned off and they will turn on little by little. Once they finish, check if the Internet is already working.

Contact Orange

You can contact Orange to give notice of the problem and to register the incident. There are several ways to do it: by phone, by WhatsApp …

By phone

By phone you can call from:

  • 1470: customer service number for individuals.
  • 1471: customer service number for freelancers and companies.
  • 900 906 268: Orange breakdown telephone


You can contact a personal customer service chat through Your Orange Expert, a technological assistance service to resolve incidents of all kinds or in which an expert will help you configure equipment, etc. To do this you must be a customer and you must access your service area. Simply go to the Orange Expert website and log in with your Orange user data.

Attention by WhatsApp

You have a customer service by WhatsApp of Orange that allows us to send any query or notify in case of failure. Just add the phone number 653 85 00 85 and start a conversation. You will be able to explain what happens and they will try to find a solution as soon as possible.

Via email

It may not be the fastest option but you can contact by mail:

In social networks

It is usually our favorite place to complain and vent and we can turn to Twitter and Facebook if Orange is down or not working. On Orange’s Twitter , you can send a direct message to the operator and they will attend to you from Monday to Sunday from nine in the morning to eleven at night except on national holidays. On the Orange Facebook you can write a message through chat.

Incidents and claims in Orange

Orange ensures that incidents are managed within a normal period of no more than 72 business hours, but not always. They explain: “If the solution of your incident is subject to procedures that depend on other departments or services, the resolution could exceed these 72 hours, but you should not worry since from the beginning we will be informing you of the status of your case until the final resolution”

In any case, you do not have to contact every ten minutes or every two hours to check the incident, but rather you are assigned a personal manager who sends you an SMS informing you if they are working on it. Through this SMS there is a link where we can access to check the status of it.

10 GB voucher

Orange compensates you with a 10 GB free bonus if you are a Love customer, which you can then use to continue browsing while you are suffering the incident. With these 10 GB we can use them on the mobile phone or tether to another device .

Incident and claim number

The operator clarifies that the customer can contact Orange through customer service or contact through the My Orange service, the email addresses or the Orange Registered Office. Regarding the deadlines and communications, in the communications it is explained: “The Client may request a document certifying the presentation and content of their incident or claim, as well as a reference number. If a claim has been made by the Customer, if it has not been resolved within a month or, if resolved, it has not been satisfactorily, the Customer may direct their claim to the Autonomous Consumer Arbitration Boards to which Orange is a member. under the official distinctive 270 of the National Institute of Consumption ”

Compensation for interruption of service

What do the legal conditions of Orange say? Regarding the interruption of the service, Orange explains: »In the event of interruption of the Telephone Service due to force majeure, Orange will compensate the Customer with the automatic refund of the amounts corresponding to the monthly fee and other amounts independent of the telephone traffic, prorated for the time that may exist. the interruption lasted. ” But there are specific cases and it will depend on the interruption that the compensation is one or the other, depending on the court. There will be compensation provided that ” the compensable amount is greater than one euro ” and the maximum will depend on:

  • The average amount billed for the interrupted service during the three months prior to the interruption, prorated by the interruption time.
  • Five times the monthly subscription fee prorated for the duration of the subscription

In other words, once it is proven that there has been a temporary interruption of the service, the customer is entitled to compensation that is determined by prorating the monthly service fee for the time that the line has been suspended. In case of temporary interruption during a billing period of more than six hours from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., compensation will be automatic.

Orange commitment

In addition to the above, Orange offers an “additional commitment to Quality in its services” that we can read from the general legal conditions of the operator:

  • For Fixed Services, the maximum interruption time for these Services in a monthly billing period will be 48 calendar hours.
  • For Mobile Services, the maximum cumulative outage time in a monthly billing period will be 8 calendar hours.

If it exceeds the previous hours, Orange will indemnify the customer within a maximum period of three days from the start of the interruption, compensating as follows in the following invoice issued for that line in question:

  • For Fixed Services: Discount equivalent to the proportional part of the monthly fee corresponding to the Fixed Service during the days that the Client is without Service after 48 hours without Service.
  • For Mobile Services : Discount equivalent to 10% of the amount of the monthly fee corresponding to the Mobile Service in the following three invoices.
  • In Prepaid: Orange will pay the Customer an amount equivalent to that resulting from applying 10% of the amount of the following three balance recharges.


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