What to do if the Aliexpress tracking number is not working .

The tracking number is a code that allows us to check where an order that we have placed in an online store is going. But if the tracking number on AliExpress doesn’t work , what can I do? We are going to try to find solutions to this problem.

Sometimes it is simply a matter of waiting. In many cases, the tracking of a package takes a while to be active , so if you try it at the exact moment you received it, it may not be available yet. Therefore, the first thing we would recommend if you encounter this problem is simply that you wait a few days.

It is also possible that the seller has not yet processed the order . In most cases this is almost instantaneous, but there are also times that it takes a little while. Only if many days pass and it still does not work should you find another solution.


Many times it happens that, after placing an order, I go to check where my package is going and I find that my tracking number does not appear in the Post Office. Or, in other words, the tracking number in AliExpress does not work when I enter it on the postal website to check where it is going. Does that mean I have been scammed and given a fake tracking number? Don’t worry, in most cases that won’t be the problem. Simply, sometimes the numbers presented on the AliExpress website are in a different format than that of the Post Office.

It is also important to note that the order number is not the same as the tracking number . It is very common to get these terms wrong and we are worried for a few days and then realize that the problem is as simple as that we were not entering the correct number. In any case, we always have the option of contacting the seller and asking any questions about our order.


To know how to convert the tracking number of AliExpress to Correos España , it is best to use websites such as 17tracks.net . This website allows you to track the shipment tracking of practically any courier service.

In any case, keep in mind that AliExpress and Correos España have an agreement to send packages, so normally the tracking that you can do through Correos is exactly the same as that you can do on AliExpress’s own page . The most comfortable thing is that you go consulting where your order is going directly there. In this way you will be able to know where your package is going at all times without having to enter third party pages.


I’ve been waiting for several days and I see that my AliExpress order is not moving . This is a fairly common situation. But it must be borne in mind that the well-known online store is not generally characterized by the rapid arrival of orders. Therefore, if you see that it is not progressing, the first thing we recommend is simply that you have a little patience. But if days or even weeks continue to pass and you see that there is no movement in the follow-up of your order, you can contact the seller through the platform and ask if there are any problems.


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