What to do if someone is bothering us on Instagram

What we recommend you do if someone annoys you on Instagram.

Do you have a profile on Instagram and one or more users have behavior that annoys you and / or post comments under your posts that are not to your liking? Know that the app allows you to control how other users interact with you. Find out what to do if someone bothers you on social media and in particular on Instagram.

Having a private profile does not always protect us from unwelcome interactions, here are 4 simple actions you can take if there are users with whom you no longer want to communicate or who prefer to have limited access to your profile.

  1. Limit your account
  2. Report the account
  3. Block the account
  4. Disable comments on your posts

Limit your account

The softest action you can take against a profile that bothers you or reserves unwanted attention is to limit the account. You can do this by going to his profile, tapping on the three dots at the top right and selecting the item “Limit account”. The person you restrict will NOT be notified and NEVER KNOW that they have been restricted .

What happens if you limit an account?

  • if you post a comment to your posts you can only read it (it will not appear to other users). The person you restricted will obviously see it and will never know that only the two of you are seeing it (but they may notice if they view the comments to your post by connecting from another profile, in this case they will not see their comment).
  • if you write a message in direct you will see it in the message request, so you can easily open it and read it without ever appearing the word “displayed”.

Limiting an account temporarily is also useful when you want to read a private message without it being read .

You can remove the limitations (and put them back) at any time.

Report the account

You can report an account by going to the profile of the person in question, selecting the three dots at the top right and tapping on “Report”. Know that reports are always anonymous, except when you report an intellectual property infringement. Also, no notification is sent.

This action is to be taken when a user posts content that violates the Instagram rules or when they pretend to be someone else or are under 13.

Block the account

While blocking an account does not send any notification, the person you blocked will notice as they will no longer be able to see your profile, posts and stories on Instagram. You can block the profile and also any new profiles that that person might create using the same email.

To block a profile, just tap on the three dots at the top right and select the “Block” item.

Disable comments on your posts

If the problem is the comments below your posts, you can decide to disable them so that no one is able to publish one anymore. In this case, other users will only be able to like videos and photos you post.

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