What to do if my Xbox One shut down during an update?

Xbox One is a sensational next-generation console, created for your entertainment and available worldwide in the market by Microsoft. However, some users have reported the issue of shutdown on update , but we helpfully advise you how to fix it.

With this effective guide, you can update yourself and from home, so you can continue to use your Xbox One console . It is well worth a try to continue enjoying, not only games, but your favorite music and movies.

Possible reasons why your Xbox One shuts down when updating

You must bear in mind that when an electronic device is presenting problems from the technical system, several probabilities may be arising. Like, for example, that it is a problem with Xbox One , the link to the internet or that something serious is happening with Microsoft.

Before thinking that the device itself comes with a factory fault, you should perform the following verifications of your Xbox One:

  1. Test if your internet connection is stable , otherwise instability may impede the update process.
  2. To connect to the internet more securely and without interruption, use a direct internet cable and not a wireless connection and the console will turn off. Wait about 30 seconds, reconnect it and turn it on.
  3. If the problem comes from Microsoft, it may be due to the increased download requirement, wait and try to update later.
  4. If you keep trying and still can’t get the update, then contact Microsoft .

Fixing the issue when updating the system on Xbox One

Probably while updating or after updating the latest version of your console, the screen will show the error, which does not allow it to start correctly. Follow the recommendations to help you repair your Xbox One system below, quickly and easily.

  • Check the error code , you can do this by simultaneously pressing the two upper front buttons together with the triggers. Within seconds the error code will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • The code may vary at the beginning depending on the country where you live, so discard the initial characters (0x) and take into account the next eight characters.
  • To continue, proceed to see the corresponding steps for each error code that we present to you.

Error codes section

In this section you will find the most frequent error codes, which usually appear when there is an update failure.

  • 800701E7 this error means that you must do an update without an internet connection . Learn to fix it.
  1. For this you must have a PC with internet available, with Windows operating system and with USB.
  2. Proceed to download the OSU1 update file in NTFS format to a pendrive with 6GB available space for download only.
  3. Connect the USB to the PC, open the file and save it.
  4. Next, unzip the file by right-clicking and selecting Extract All from the pop-up menu.
  5. Copy the $ SystemUpdate file to the flash drive and disconnect for use on the console.
  • 8B050033 this bug indicates that the update is not available , maybe there is something wrong with the Xbox server. In this case, try to reset the system another time.
  • 8007019x, 80072xxx, or 87DDxxxx These errors indicate that perhaps there are caching problems or that there is difficulty with the network. That’s why I confirmed your internet connection.
  1. Check by pressing the Xbox button, open the guide, choose Profile and system then Network settings and select Test network connection.
  2. If the connection is valid, turn off the console by pressing the Xbox button on the front of the console for 10 minutes. When it turns off, unplug and wait half a minute, plug back in and turn on, I’ve tried to install the update again .
  3. If there is a problem with the connection, try using the Xbox One Network Connection Troubleshooting. If the update issue persists, try the offline system update. As stated in the steps for error 8B050033.

We hope this guide is beneficial for you to run and fix your Xbox One team issues and continue to enjoy it.


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