What to choose – PS3 or Xbox 360

Today in the world of gamers dominate and compete with each other Xbox One and the fourth model PlayStation, but not everyone has decided which is better: PS3 or Xbox 360. Not everyone is a fan of new games, there are those who love the classics. And some consider it simply unacceptable to spend more than 15 thousand on a toy. It is they who should understand what is better – to make the right choice.

Which console is better to choose for the game: Xbox 360 or PS3?

Spoiler: there is no better one here. What Sonka is scolded for works great on Xbox, and vice versa. This is, in fact, all the charm of two consoles: everyone can choose what suits them best. Let’s see how these consoles differ: PS3 vs Xbox 360 – Fight!


Almost everyone who was not lazy was engaged in comparison of graphics of consoles. And all tried in vain to find any significant differences. It should be understood that there is no fundamental difference, it all depends not only on the set-top box, but also on the video game, the TV, as well as the connection: HDMI or these three colored wires.

The PS3 is often accused of “graffiti” graffiti. Yes, in some games, especially old ones, “soap” is present, but it cannot be said that the graphics are really low. If you are a very sophisticated connoisseur and the slightly worse image is already cutting the eye, Xbox 360 is definitely your choice. This set-top box on many tests shows the graphics a little bit, but better than on Ps3.

Productivity and durability

Here the consoles are not much different. On “Sonya” for some time they sinned that after a short period of use it refuses to work, in fact, the console is enough for 5-6 years of playing with pleasure, and even more if you take care of it.

The same can be said about the Xbox 360. Although it is the brainchild of Microsoft, the console will live long when used properly. However, there were rumors that she breaks the discs while in a horizontal position. But they (rumors) can be equated to similar to the PlayStation.

There is nothing to compare the power and internal filling of prefixes. On computers, this is done to determine whether a game will work, and here it is enough to see if it is worth a box with a disk labeled PS3 or Xbox 360. The technical potential of the consoles is almost no different, and does not matter much, because the gamer just does not need to steam because of it, as on the PC. So in this matter it does not matter: to incline a choice towards HBox 360 or PlayStation 3.


This is where fans of one or another console meet. And face even tougher than in disputes about the graphene. Games and the approach to purchasing them on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are just the opposite.

Xbox 360

Pirates love this console. Because it, like Windows, is very easy to install hacked games. “Jailbreak” consoles can be made both by yourself and using the services of a wizard who will immediately install a hundred video games, and you will no longer need them.

It is almost more difficult to buy licensed games here. The online store is evolving, but in slow steps, there are often cool applications, promotions and everything in the same spirit. Disks are usually expensive. And who, in general, buys discs in 2017 ?!


The situation with PlayStation is completely different. You can break the console, but there are few craftsmen who will do it well. And it is very difficult to install a pirated video game on the unbroken “Sonya”. The developers tried to do everything to buy games from them.

And they buy games from them. Yes, the prices are the same as on the Xbox, but if you take them not on disk media, and buy through the PS Store, you can seriously save. Almost always different promotions and the game can be grabbed for 300-500 rubles. It is also worth taking into account the fact that prices on both consoles will soon fall, as the new generation has finally come to power in the field of video games.


For many, the ways to purchase games are not as important as they are. And in this PlayStation and Hbox also compete. And the first in the number of really noticeable exclusives far surpasses the brainchild of Microsoft.

PS3 exclusives:

  • Uncharted. A favorite adventure trilogy that tells the story of Nathan Drake’s travels.
  • Heavy Rain. There are people who choose a console for the sake of this game. Heavy interactive thriller, a must-see if you have a PS.
  • Last of us. Another video game that makes you buy a PlayStation. The adventures of two travelers in a post-apocalyptic world filled with vile creatures.

And here nothing is said about such games as Resistance, Killzone, God of War and a couple of similar ones – worthy, but not very distinguished.

Xbox 360 Exclusives:

  • Gears of War. A series that has become one of the most popular. A brutal bloody third-person shooter that started a shelter system.
  • Hello. For this series, many are ready to take the Xbox. And she’s really cool. A first-person space shooter with an interesting and fascinating plot that develops from one part to another.

Here, too, are taken into account those games that are really popular and known to very, very many. In addition to them, there is a huge bunch of different small exclusives.


In this aspect, the consoles are again different from each other. PlayStation 3 supports a large number of joysticks from different manufacturers. If you feel sorry for two or three thousand for a new controller, you can buy any Chinese and give it to your friends when they come to drive in Mortal Combat. And also on “Sony” there is such thing as PS Movie. This is a small gamepad with a ball at the end. To control it, you need to buy a special camera – PS Eye. After that, you can play all sorts of things like dancing or boxing. Quite inconvenient, as a normal game requires two PS Movie and a camera. But for shooters you can buy a machine gun and then everything happens in one go and very easily – you feel like in a shooting range.

With the Xbox 360, the opposite is true. Joysticks, unlike PS, are suitable only native. No other can be connected. They also run on batteries, not on built-in batteries. But instead of the awkward PS Movie there is Kinect. It’s just a camera that captures your movements without any additional controllers and allows you to play many games and play sports. You can do this alone or with friends. The thing is much more convenient.


Which console to choose after all? PS3 or Xbox 360? If you:

  • love to get games for free and don’t worry too much about the online component;
  • love moving games or interactive sports;
  • a fan of various shooters;
  • connoisseur of high graphics.

Then you really need to take the Xbox 360.

If you:

  • do not regret the money for games, but regret the controllers;
  • love when you just need to click on the button in the online store and then you can safely start playing;
  • looked at reviews on Heavy Rain or Uncharted.

Then you should take the PS3. Both consoles are good and will find a buyer.


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