What the iPhone 13 camera can do

In total, at least three key innovations are expected , and two of them will affect video recording:

  • Videorecording in portrait mode . It allows you to blur the background behind the subject in real time;
  • Higher quality video recording. The innovation is called ProRes and, in fact, is analogous to ProRAW for video;
  • A set of photo presetsthat automatically improve the look and color of your images.

Despite the fact that all these innovations are largely software in nature, they will not appear in the iPhone of previous generations, but will be exclusive to the iPhone 13 . And only two older models. If you remember, last year the situation was plus or minus similar: ProRAW mode appeared only on the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

Как изменится камера у iPhone 14, который выйдет в 2022 году

It is difficult to say with certainty what exactly these distinctions are connected with. The possibilities, hardware stuffing of smartphones really differ so much that Apple is unable to add support for the above functions to the younger models. Or, perhaps, in Cupertino they simply draw the line between smartphones of different segments, artificially creating differences between them.

Personally, I adhere to the second proposition. After all, we already know that Apple developers are able to implement portrait mode on a wide-angle camera without using a telephoto lens. Presets – like Deep Fusion – are also purely software stuff. Only the ProRes video mode remains in question . But it is less interesting, given that the majority of users still more often take pictures than shoot videos.

Should I wait for the iPhone 13

This is the camera arrangement for the base iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

However, some changes to the camera of the base models of the iPhone 13 are still waiting. We know that Apple intends to change the layout of their modules by staggering them relative to each other. And since this action was supposed to be dictated by something, most likely, the company will offer users some innovations that have not been seen in previous iPhones.

Optical zoom by 3 and even more so 5 times is clearly not worth waiting for. Still, this requires a radical redesign of the internal arrangement of the cameras, and Apple prefers not to bother too much about the layout of intermediate iPhone models. But it is quite possible to wait for something like an instant night mode of shooting as on “pixels”, given that many people are enraged to hold the smartphone for 3 seconds still, so that the frame comes out brighter.

But for the most part, the iPhone 13 will be clearly a pass-through update to the lineup. AppleInsider.ru journalist Oleg Svirgstin already predicted this in one of his articles. Then he explained why the iPhone 13 will be a pathetic shadow of the iPhone 14 , which will be released in 2022. In short, by that time Apple will abandon the toxic model with the mini prefix, switch to a 3nm process technology for manufacturing processors and – what the hell is not kidding – on sub-screen face recognition sensors.

But the coolest innovation, perhaps, will be the appearance in the lineup of the new iPhone 14 Max . In terms of hardware, it will be a copy of the classic iPhone 14, and in size – iPhone 14 Pro Max. That is, the smartphone will receive a 6.7-inch screen and a huge battery with all that it implies. So I would count on the fact that it will become the new bestseller, given that it will cost around $ 800, and, in fact, will offer a truly flagship user experience.


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