What system is established to fix some State remuneration?

What system is established to fix some State remuneration?
A commission is in charge of setting some salaries for senior authorities, in accordance with the constitutional reform approved in 2020.

What charges are included?

  1. The President of the Republic.
  2. Regional governors.
  3. Officials exclusively trusted by the Head of State, such as ministers, undersecretaries, regional presidential delegates and provincial presidential delegates.
  4. Those hired on the basis of fees who directly advise the Government authorities.

When will the remuneration for these positions be set?
Every four years and at least eighteen months before the end of a presidential term.

Who is in charge of defining these remunerations?
A commission whose operation, organization, functions and powers are established in a constitutional organic law.

Who will make up the commission that will define the remuneration of the designated authorities?
The commission is made up of the following people:

  1. A former Minister of Finance.
  2. A former Director of the Central Bank.
  3. A former Comptroller or Sub-Comptroller of the Comptroller General of the Republic.
  4. A former President of one of the branches that make up the National Congress (Senate or Chamber of Deputies and Deputies).
  5. A former National Director of the Civil Service.

Who appoints the members of the commission?
Its members will be appointed by the President of the Republic with the agreement of two-thirds of the senators in office.

What characteristics should the agreements adopted by the commission have?
The agreements of the commission will be public. They will be based on technical antecedents and must establish a remuneration that guarantees adequate compensation for the responsibility of the position and the independence to fulfill their functions and powers.

What is the parliamentary diet?
It is the only income that parliamentarians will receive and must be equivalent to the remuneration of a Minister of State.

What happens while the commission does not work or the Organic Constitutional Law on its operation is still approved?
The Council of Senior Public Management shall set, for a single time, the remuneration of the ministers of State and of the deputies and senators. You have 30 days to do so from the publication of the reform in the Official Gazette.
The same entity will have a 90-day period to set, once, the income of the other authorities contemplated in the regulations.
It must also specify the salaries of mayors and governors, which will govern until the day the regional governors elected by popular vote take office.
The council will reduce the last remuneration received by the aforementioned authorities, in the percentage that its study justifies.
To make the decision, the council will take into special consideration the economic reality of the country and the comparative policy analysis.


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