What should we look for when buying home IP cameras?

Having a Wi-Fi camera in our home, office or anywhere we want is interesting for our security. They also serve to control pets, for example. Now, it must be borne in mind that not all are the same. There are different characteristics that we must bear in mind before deciding to buy one or the other. We are going to talk about this in this article. We are going to show the most important points.

What a good Wi-Fi camera should look like

When we buy any device we must know its characteristics and see if it is really going to fulfill what we expect. This also happens with a Wi-Fi camera, since there are models that, for example, do not record at night, do not detect movement, do not allow it to be viewed remotely, etc.

Image quality

Perhaps it is the most important point. It is the basic in any video camera, also in the IP. Nowadays something essential is that they have at least HD 1024p recording . Most have it and it is a feature that we will always find in the product information.

Therefore, the first thing we must see is in what resolution that camera is going to record. Maybe we need something in particular and we have to choose one product or another.

Night vision

Something very interesting in IP cameras is the option of having night vision or not . If we want to maximize security and that it can record in all circumstances, the ideal is that it also has night vision and thus expand the range of possibilities.

But in addition to whether or not it has night vision, we must also see the quality of that recording and the distance. Not all cameras record the same at night and perhaps we need a minimum for what we are looking for. We must always protect the security of the camera .

Motion detection

Looking for a camera that can detect motion ? For example, it can detect if an intruder has entered a room or if our pet has moved. There are Wi-Fi cameras that have this feature available and it is really useful in many circumstances.

Some can even send a warning signal in case they detect strange movement. One more way to enhance security and protect a home, an office or any other place where we have the device.

Vision angle

You also have to look at the angle of view that that camera has. Maybe we don’t just want it to point to a specific area, such as a door or window; maybe we need you to widen that angle for a large part of a room, for example.

In addition, some models allow rotation of the camera to record in different positions. We can configure or change all this as we are interested.

Control from mobile

Finally, another feature that we can look at when buying a Wi-Fi camera is whether or not it has control from the mobile through the application. Today it is very common for this type of device to have this option, but not all have it.

This allows us to see what is happening from anywhere just by having access to the Internet. Also even launch some audio or light signal, for example if we have a pet.

In short, these are some basic points to take into account when we go to buy a Wi-Fi camera. You not only have to look at the quality of the image, but also other sections that, as we have seen, can be interesting.

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