What should be done to learn and live Islam well?

 As someone who wants to be on the path of Allah, should we just do our prayers and live as best we can, first for ourselves and then for those around us?
– Is this enough? What should we do as Muslims?
– How should we understand Islam correctly?


Our dear brother,

In religious life, a person should not only base his own mind and logic but also the Sunnah of our Prophet. In other words, how did our Prophet experience this religion and what are his recommendations to his ummah? Is it a religion that is only theoretical and has no practice? You must answer these questions and try to live Islam in complete submission. Also, at certain stages of a person’s life, there may be differences in religious life due to the influence of age.

When Islam is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the Quran and the life of our Prophet (PBUH). He sent a book containing God’s commands and prohibitions and a prophet who would translate that book into life and implement it. So, the way to be a good Muslim is the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. It depends on following the Prophet (pbuh). Especially taking our Prophet, who is a living Quran, as an example is something that Allah loves most. As a matter of fact, Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:

“Say, if you love Allah, follow me and Allah will love you.” (Al-i Imran, 3/188).

Our Prophet (pbuh) said in a hadith reported by Abu Dawud:

“Be careful, some people will say that the Quran is enough for us. However, I was given one or two times the size of the Quran.”

He stated that the Quran cannot be fully understood without our Prophet.

As for the provisions that Islamic scholars derived from the Quran and hadith, we see the following verse clearly and clearly on this subject:

“…If they had asked the Prophet and those whose religious views were trusted (on the issues they disagreed on), those among them who had sought the truth of the matter would have known what it was.” (Nisa, 4/83)

If you pay attention, in the verse Hz. After the Prophet (pbuh), we are asked to convey our problems to people who have opinions and are experts in their field. The existence of four sects is an explanation of this verse.

To summarize, the way to learn and live Islam well is to comply with the Quran, the Sunnah and the provisions made by Islamic scholars by using these two sources.

When it comes to researching other religions and ideas opposing Islam: First, we need to learn our religion firmly and correctly. How logical would it be to explore the beauties in the neighborhood garbage dump without strengthening the foundations and walls of a building?

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mean there’s no good stuff out there, but if we want to get through a poisoned room, we need a solid mask. Otherwise we will be poisoned too. If we are going to research some religiously harmful and poisonous things, we must have a strong mask that will block all kinds of gases, that is, a good and true religious belief, so that those ideas do not harm us.

Yes, the only way to find God and reach the truth is to believe in the Quran and act in accordance with it. Because the Quran is a holy book sent by Allah Almighty in order to lead humanity to absolute goodness and truth. It is He who will show and mature man’s worldly and otherworldly happiness. He guides people to faith and monotheism; It invites us to worship and servitude, brotherhood and love. He has set the best standards for faith and good deeds. Islam was structured only by His standards. There is no truth and cannot be sought outside of His unshakable and magnificent rules. Everything that He sees as beautiful and approves is truth; Everything he finds ugly and rejects is fabrication. Islam, which he established, strongly rejects obsolete superstitions, false beliefs, disgrace and prostitution. In this case, all Muslims will weigh the sacred truths of faith, worship, morality, halal, haram, dhikr, thought and love with His scales .

The verses of the Quran have the power to convince everyone. The common people are fascinated by the simplicity of his statement, and scientists admire his eloquence and eloquence. “Hearts are satisfied with His remembrance.” And intellectuals at all levels meet their need to believe with Him and attain perfection by following Him.

The Quran encouraged people to think and gave the criteria for this to the mind. People could only read the Book of the universe with the standards He taught, discover the hidden truths in it, and find their Creator and Deity. It is a divine torch given to the mind to illuminate the dark and stormy paths of life. Just as the sun illuminates the material world, the Quran was revealed to illuminate the spiritual world.

It is stated in the Holy Quran:

“Indeed, this Quran guides people to the rightest path.” (Isra, 17/9)

In order to progress in a science, it is necessary to comply with the laws of that science, and in order to find the truth and reality, it is extremely necessary to accept the principles of the Quran and the Sunnah as a guide.

Yes, man can know the essence and attributes of God Almighty only with the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah. Only through these two means can he understand where he came from, where he is going, what his duty in this world is, the nature and reality of the afterlife he will go to, and what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in that world. Which actions and movements, which states and attitudes will attract the consent of God Almighty, and which ones will attract His wrath; He will learn from Allah’s Book and His beloved Prophet (PBUH) what is true, what is false, what is wrong and what is true. Every Muslim is responsible for realizing his own world of belief and worship under the guidance of these two truths.

He will learn from these two principles, namely the Quran and the Sunnah, what and how he will enter the circle of faith by believing, what deeds he will do and what he will avoid and what he will stay within the circle of Islam.

Since the criterion for all Muslims is the Quran and the Sunnah, then a Muslim will evaluate every human idea, every claim, every belief, every creed according to the Quran and its primary interpretation, the Hadiths. It will balance.

Just as the Holy Quran teaches us “belief in God”, which is the first pillar of faith, it also teaches us “belief in angels, heavenly books, prophets, the afterlife, destiny (that He creates good and evil)  . A person becomes a believer only by believing in the truths of faith as stated in the Quran.

Moreover, the Holy Quran has taught the believers Islam, which consists of all the commands and prohibitions of Allah Almighty. A believer becomes a perfect Muslim by strictly obeying these orders and prohibitions.

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