what role administrators or Moderators play in Roblox?

Would you like to be part of Roblox or be an administrator of your own map? We tell you everything you need to know.

Have you ever wondered what role administrators or Moderators play in Roblox ? If so, this time we will tell you everything you need to know about this organization and how the special commands work as an admin of your own map this 2020. Let’s get to it!

As you know, Roblox is the video game of the moment and therefore many would like to visit its facilities and even know how the platform is operated . However, the success of this company is mainly due to the entire set of exemplary workers that are part of the team.

Thanks to the Roblox administrators and moderators , you have at your disposal a game free of errors, scammers and members who seek to alter the system.

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If you are a follower of Roblox since its inception in 2006 , it is surely more than one opportunity you have wanted to be part of this team of workers and take charge of maintaining order and ensuring that a healthy community prevails for all its members.

But this dream is not impossible, this time you will discover how to be an administrator in Roblox and the list of special commands that you can access, but first it is necessary to clarify some basic concepts.

What is the purpose of being an administrator on Roblox?

Before clarifying what it is for , it is proper to inform what an admin is in Roblox and what their functions are within the system .

How to be an administrator in Roblox and special commands

An administrator or moderator is nothing more than a person who works in the corporation , over 18 years of age , whose function is to keep the platform secure against possible attacks and alert those who break the community’s rules , in order to that everything works fine.

Each administrator is used to create alerts , set commands, publish updates, kick players, apply maintenance and make changes to the platform. You can identify them because their avatar has a special badge or Administrator Badge and it is possible to contact them through a personal message or a chat forum.

How to become an administrator?

To become an administrator in Roblox it is important to meet certain requirements , such as:

  • Be over 18 yearsof age.
  • Be resident near the main headquarters in San Mateo California.
  • Be willing to meet office hours.
  • Comply with business rules and regulations.
  • Advanced knowledge of English.
  • Professional studies.
  • With extensive technological knowledge.
  • Work Experience.

Now, after taking into account all the requirements, follow these steps:

  1. Check the list of available jobs

On this page you will find the list of vacancies available to be part of the corporation. You can see that they have three categories: Department, Group and Location .

Review the Roblox portfolio and apply to be a Roblox Corporation Administrator

  • In Departmentappear several options such as: engineering, Developer Relations, Marketing and Communications, Design, Finance, Accounting and more.
  • Then locate a Groupto minimize your search , you can choose between: Product Management, Avatar, Administrative, Background Web, Game Engine, Human Resources and more.
  • Finally, choose the Zone: San Mateo, CA or Shenzhen, China.
  1. Choose a vacancy

The system will organize a summary with the possible lists of work , either for a specific department or for all. Enter one of the links according to your preferences .

  1. Fill in the form

When entering the job offer, you must read the instructions and knowledge that the applicant must have to apply for the position. If you feel capable of assuming a position at this level, then fill out the form with your personal information : Names and Surnames, Contact numbers, Curriculum summary, LinkedIn profile and others.

When finished, press the green button that appears at the end of the form identified as: ” Submit Application “ and wait for the Roblox managers to contact you.

We clarify that the process can be quite long, in addition, take into account that not everyone has an academic level adapted to the requirements. Roblox is very serious when it comes to hiring employees , so take your predictions and be very patient.

How to be an administrator on your own Roblox map

If you are not of the age established by the company to be part of the team, or but still, if you have not reached the academic level or do not live near the main headquarters. Do not worry! It is possible to be an administrator of your own map and have some special commands available . These are the steps to follow:

We show you the steps to be an administrator on your own Roblox map Roblox

  • Get the free Kohls Admin Infinite.
  • Log in to Roblox Studio.
  • Select the mapwhere you want to be an administrator .
  • Once inside the creation engine, click on “Toolbox> Models> My Models”and locate the Kohls Admin Infinite and click on it.
  • On the left side you will see a column, locate the “Kohls Admin Infinite> ThumbnallCamera <Decal”to remove the uncomfortable box that appears by default on the screen.
  • Now go to “Setting”and in the command box locate the one that says “Local” . Which in this case would be the ranges within the map. You will have at your disposal 5 ranks : Owner, Super Administrator, Administrator, Moderator, VIP .
  • Now just place your username between the predisposed braces and quotation marks: for example LOCAL Owners = {“Willymay321”}, if you want to place a friend as administrator write LOCAL Owners = {“Willymay321”, “davidmgo123”} and next to it you can see everything you can do, either use all commands or just a few.
  • Finally, close “Setting”and you’re done.

Note: Do not modify or alter any code as you could damage the operation of the Script.

What are admin commands and how to use them?

The commands are certain codes that can employ the owners and some members within the game as long as you have granted such benefits.

They provide your avatar with certain abilities such as flying, exploding , catching fire, invisibility powers , freezing players, infinite protection aura and even placing music on the map.

To use the commands, you must do this:

Go directly to Roblox Studio, select a map and activate the special commands

  • Enter your map from Roblox Studio.
  • A notice will appear indicating your rank, either: “Owner” “Administrator”, “Super Administrator”, “Moderator”, “VIP”.
  • Enter the chat of your map and type : cmdsand “Enter” and immediately a list will appear with all the available commands , which of course will vary depending on the rank you have or have been granted. If you write : help you will receive general help.

List of special administrator commands in Roblox

  • : f3x – Modifications that the game needs.
  • : music – Play music.
  • : music 0 – Remove music.
  • : s print (“Hello World”) – Allows you to type normally.
  • : ls print (“Hello World”) – Allows you to guide in local scripts.
  • : clear – Will remove all local scripts / scripts and jails
  • : m Hello, how are you? – It will help you to give a message to all the members of the server. A public message.
  • : kill kohl – Kill the player.
  • : respawn kohl – Revive the player.
  • : trip kohl – The player goes on a trip.
  • : stun kohl – Stuns.
  • : unstun kohl – Desaturate.
  • : jump kohl – Long jump.
  • : sit kohl – The player can sit down.
  • : invisible kohl – Invisible.
  • : visible kohl – Visible.
  • : explode kohl – Explode.
  • : fire kohl – Set fire.
  • : unfire kohl – Eliminate fire.
  • : smoke kohl – Add smoke.
  • : unsmoke kohl – Eliminates smoke.
  • : sparkles kohl – Sparkles.
  • : unsparkles kohl – Eliminates sparkles.
  • : ff kohl – Force field.
  • : unff kohl – Remove the force field.
  • : punish kohl – Punishment.
  • : unpunish kohl – Stop punishing the player.
  • : freeze kohl – Freeze.
  • : thaw kohl – Thaw.
  • : heal kohl – Heals the player.
  • : god kohl – Infinite health.
  • : ungod kohl – 100 hit points.
  • : ambient .5 .5 .5 – Change of environment.
  • : brightness .5 – Change in brightness.
  • : time 12 – Changes the time.
  • : fogcolor .5 .5 .5 – Changes the fog color.
  • : fogend 100 – Change the legend.
  • : removetools kohl – Removes tools from the player.
  • : btools kohl – Gives the player building tools.
  • : give kohl sword – Sword.
  • : damage kohl – Damage.
  • : grav kohl – Player’s gravity in normal.
  • : setgrav kohl 100 – Sets the player’s gravity
  • : nograv kohl – Zero gravity.
  • : health kohl 1337 – Changes health.
  • : speed kohl 1337 – Change speed.
  • : name kohl potato – Change the name.
  • : unname kohl – Remove the name.
  • : team kohl Raiders – Changes the player’s team
  • : stopmusic – stops the music playing on the server.
  • : teleport kohl potato – Teleportation.
  • : change kohl kills 1337 – Change the stat.
  • : kick kohl – Eliminate the player.
  • : infect kohl – Zombie.
  • : rainbowify kohl – Rainbow.
  • : flashify kohl – spectroscopic Lus.
  • : noobify kohl – Rookie.
  • : ghostify kohl – Ghost.
  • : goldify kohl – Gold.
  • : shiny kohl – Shiny.
  • : trippy kohl – Spams of random colors on the player’s screen.
  • : strobe kohl – Spams black and white on the screen.
  • : unstrobe kohl – Blurs the player.
  • : blind kohl – Blinds the player.
  • : unblind kohl – Unmasks the player.
  • : guifix kohl – Will fix trippy / strobe / blind on one player
  • : fling kohl – Throw the player.
  • : seizure kohl – Puts the player into an attack.
  • : music 1337 – Plays a sound from the ID.
  • : lock kohl – Locks the player.
  • : unlock kohl – Unlock the player.
  • : removelimbs kohl – Removes limbs.
  • : jail kohl – Puts the player in a jail.
  • : unjail kohl – Clear the player’s jail.
  • : fix – Returns the lighting to its original settings
  • : fly kohl – Makes the player fly.
  • : unfly kohl – The player falls.
  • : pm kohl Hey brouton – Send the player a private message.
  • : dog kohl – Turns the player into a dog.
  • : undog kohl – Returns the player to normal.
  • : creeper kohl – Turns the player into a creeper.
  • : uncreeper kohl – Returns it to normal.
  • : place kohl 1337 – Will give the player starting tools.
  • : char kohl 261 – Will make a player look like a different player ID
  • : unchar kohl – Will return the player to normal.
  • : h Hello People – This will shout a hello to everyone.
  • : rank kohl 109373 – It will show a message with the Role and Rank of the person in a group.
  • : starttools kohl – Will give the player starting tools
  • : bighead kohl – Will make the player’s head bigger.
  • : minihead kohl – will make the player’s head smaller.
  • : disc – Random colors.
  • : admins – List of administrators.
  • : bans – Ban list.
  • : ban – Remove a player from the game.
  • : musiclist – Music list.
  • : cape kohl Really black – Color cape.
  • : uncape kohl – Remove the player’s layer.
  • : loopheal kohl – Will constantly heal.
  • : tools – List of tools in lighting.
  • : undisco – Removes disco effects.
  • : unflash – Remove flash effects.
  • : resetstats kohl – Set all stats for a player to 0.
  • : gear kohl 1337 – Gives a gear to a player.
  • : shirt kohl 1337 – I change the shirt.
  • : pants kohl 1337 – Change of pants.
  • : face kohl 1337 – Change of face.
  • : version – Current version of the administrator.
  • : tm 1337 yolo – Message for 1337 seconds.
  • : countdown 120 – Countdown message, reaches a maximum of 120 seconds.
  • : clone kohl – Creates a clone of the player.
  • : lsplr kohl print (“yolo”) – Create a local script within a player.
  • : startergive kohl epic – Gives a player a team in their starter pack.

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As you will see, not only can you create incredible universes in Roblox and take advantage of the system, but you can also be an admin and enjoy endless special commands that will make you live the maximum experience.


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