Good Morning! Do you want to be a journalist? From QDR Comunicación we encourage you to train in the world of the media . Journalism is one of the most popular careers for young students in Spain. It is a profession of vocation, effort and sometimes, a lot of sacrifice .

In this post we tell you what qualities a journalist must have . These will make you a distinguished and unique professional.


It is the key to this profession. Know how to communicate and know how to communicate a fact or event. It is not enough to know about something or have all the necessary information, but it is essential to know how to tell it and do it in a way that everyone can understand . For this, good writing is essential and learning to speak in public in a natural way.


Always have a desire for information , always want to know something else. Be willing to read everything and be alert to catch any news that may be interesting for society.


Today with all social networks and all the new technologies that we are surrounded by it is easier than ever to report something. But your creativity and originality will make you tell it in a way that only you can do . You collect the information and give it your shape and your essence. You make the news yours .


Moral principles and the truth always ahead . Count the information as it is and not as we want it to be. The malpractices discredit journalism and breaks with the moral principles and professional ethics.


Schedules and very specific planning must be established . Journalism is a very busy profession and you will have to be to many things at the same time . They can’t with you. A good organization is the best solution, you will always be on time.


It is up to you to be your best friend or your worst enemy. Trust yourself, your qualities, abilities and your strength to face everything that comes. If you trust you, everyone will notice .

Although it may seem so, not everyone can be a journalist. All members of this profession share characteristics and a way of seeing the world that everyone can have. Use your skills and qualities to become a unique journalist .


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