What program do I need to open a SAV file in Windows?

One of the things that we have been able to know in our journey through the technological world is that there are many types of files that can be handled in Windows . Some of them known and others we didn’t even think they existed. This is the case of the files that we will show you below, where we will tell you what they are and what program I need to open a SAV file in Windows.

First of all, we must know that it is a file that contains the SAV extension and is in which data is saved, they are widely used to save the progress in a video game . The peculiar thing about this type of file is that you cannot open it directly. You must do it through a specific program or application that can read it, otherwise it will be impossible.

The large number of file extensions that we have known shows us that we still have a lot to learn. The valuable contributions that we can generate are within your reach and to be able to know how to have access to a file regardless of its extension, such as files with a .SHS extension .

What program do I need to open a SAV file in Windows

If you want to open a file that contains the SAV extension , you need to have the correct program for it. In this way, if the associations to open this file are configured correctly, clicking on it will open without problems. But it is possible that even having the correct program you cannot open the SAV file.

And this is due to what we are telling you, the association has not been made for the file to be opened by said application or program.

In other cases we do not have the program and we must download and install it on our PC. But in any case, the program will always need to be associated with the file, in order to open it.

Sometimes we can have problems opening a SAV file or any other, when we have mistakenly changed the extension. Doing this changes the file type and this can only be done by conversion software that specialize in doing this. Well, they are in charge of changing one file for another and then being opened without problems.

How to know what program I need to open a SAV file in Windows

The first thing is to know which program that created the file with the SAV extension and for this we are going to apply the following trick. We can go to the file. We locate the file and then we are going to right click on it to display a menu.

In it we will look for the Properties option , here you will find the path of the folder where it comes from. The next step is to go to it and run the program with which the file containing the SAV extension has been created. And finally, you just have to open this file with the program and everything turned out without inconvenience.

Another way to do it is knowing the program that can open this file, you go to the document and right-click on it. An options menu will be displayed and you must select Open with in this way you will choose the program that you know can open this file. And voila, the problem you had to open this file with a SAV extension was solved.

And so in this way we have finished with this interesting tutorial that showed you another file extension that is used in Windows operating systems. And in a very didactic way we explain what type of files they are and what program I need to open a SAV file in Windows.


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