What other applications can I use to improve in Clash Royale?

You are an active user of the well-known battle and strategy game Supercell , you are noticing that as you progress through the game, you begin to notice that leveling up is more difficult.

Well, in this article, we are willing to give you a hand in your strategies and progressions in the game, so that your efforts are better rewarded. Stay with us so that you learn new strategies in your Clash Royale games , which will help you improve your resources and armies.

What Other Applications Can I Use to Improve Clash Royale?

How can I improve my strategies in Clash Royale?

This game is known for its strategy mechanics at the time of combat , its dynamics in battle and, above all, for the difficulty that it presents to the players who are facing as they unlock new areas. Taking them to improve their cards and think of new strategies to face the new opponents, collect gold and improve your army.

You are that player who enjoys this game and you are looking for how to learn new game strategies and progress as much as possible, because below we will tell you about the official apps that you can use for this game.

Let’s talk about official applications around Clash Royale , which can be found in the Play Store or the App Store for IOS. Therefore, they are certified for safe use by users, without using hack applications and without having to apply any cheating.

Next, we will teach you to improve your experience and continue enjoying the game so that you can improve your strategies in new arenas.

What are the best applications for Clash Royale?

Now, we will learn the specifications of the best apps for the Clash Royale game , learn more about chests, gems and everything we need for our battles in the arena and ensure the success of victory.

Let’s start with the first app called ‘ Stats Royale for Clash Royale ‘ which mentions that the domain of information is power, and in Clash Royale this is necessary. For this reason, using this application in the game shows you all your statistics in previous battles and in this way, advance in the game in a clean way to success.

You can view all the trophies obtained, victories and defeats, the next trophies that we can unlock and even the history of other online players (this also allows you to learn from their decks), giving all the possible information in any game mode.

The following app is called ‘ Deck Shop ‘ it will help you in a simple way in everything that refers to the decks that you must use before starting a battle.

It offers the best recommendations regarding the deck to choose, helps guide you in deciding the cycle of the chests and a wide variety of statistics to continue advancing in the game.

Followed by the ‘ Chest Simulator ‘ this includes all the most recent chests along with 84 cards, 12 arenas and 9 leagues, allowing you to have more rewards when opening each chest and more resources for your army.

You can make use of the app ‘ Battle Result Predictor for CR ‘ to predict the win rate of your decks, in each and every one of the battles. It will be useful to you to study and compare the deck in play against the opponent, giving you the advantage of using your decks better in battle.

If you are a big fan of the game, here we bring you this app ‘ Amino for Clash Royale Fans ‘ through it, you can join the community of the biggest fans of the game.

In this way, you will learn from the best players , you have the possibility of being aware of the news and of course, you can make new friends. Just as there are these apps, there are also unofficial ones that are to hack Clash Royale, of which you must take care of your devices.

Since, they are unofficial APKs that you will not find in the Play Store or in any Store. These third-party files do not guarantee their reliability, so remember; If you use it, the game can detect the hacking and ban the account or steal your mobile information.


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