What operators give away the subscription to watch Netflix for free?

While that Netflix does not offer a free trial period in Spain. This allowed many users to test the service, although it is true that many take advantage of it to create new accounts to enjoy only that gift period. Watching Netflix for free right now is not possible, unless we have a promotion from an operator with streaming . If you are interested in this service, we tell you which are the operators that give away the subscription to watch Netflix for free in the month of March 2021.

Netflix continues to offer three plans : Basic with 1 screen at a time in standard definition or SD for 7.99 euros per month, Standard with 2 screens at the same time in high definition or HD for 10.99 euros per month and Premium with 4 screens at the same time in Ultra HD or UHD for 13.99 euros per month, neither of them with a free trial. The only ways to save are by sharing an account or resorting to some illegal method such as having an account in Turkey.

Movistar, Orange … who else offers Netflix?

The third way to get it for free or cheaper is to hire an operator to provide the service. The first alternative we have is to contract Netflix with Movistar + . It is not free, but we will have some advantage. To begin with, all registrations on the Broadband Internet about a Merger O, Base Merger, Merger Starts, Merger Selection with LaLiga, Merger Total, Merger Total Plus, Merger Total Plus with 4 lines, Merger Selection Plus Soccer, Merger Selection with Champions on ADSL, Fiber 300 Mb / up to 1 Gb has 1 month free.

In addition, Netflix with Fusion is 1 euro a month cheaper, including 1GB more to navigate the main lines automatically. The contents are integrated into Movistar’s own UHD decoder. If we are already Netflix customers, we can keep the existing account and profiles.

In the case of the French operator Orange , the new rates Love Extra, Love Extra Without Limits, Love Total, Love Total Without Limits and Love Total Without Limits 4 include Netflix. Also included in the rates Love Medium Max with 25 GB, Love Unlimited Max and Love Unlimited Premium Max.

We have the Basic package in Love Extra, Love Extra without limits, Love Medium Max, Love Unlimited Max and Love Unlimited Premium Max and the Standard package in Love Total, Love Total without limits and Love Total without limits 4. We can extend the Premium package to change of 8 or 4 euros respectively more per month.

Another alternative is Virgin Telco (in addition to Euskaltel, R Cable or Telecable) that offer Netflix Fan. Netflix Fan includes a Netflix subscription and an extra 10 GB per month on the Virgin telco mobile line of our choice. Currently, we have Netflix Fan 6 months as a gift.


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