What led us to forget Internet Explorer and use other browsers

The Internet has been an important part of our lives for a few years now, and its use and acceptance continues to grow. There are many browsers that have helped us over time, such as the current Edge, Chrome or Firefox, or the old Internet Explorer or Netscape.

All these programs, along with many others, are an important part of the history of the Internet. As you know, these are the ones that allow us to access all that enormous amount of online content and interact with them. The vast majority at the moment, when choosing a specific browser, opt for Google’s Chrome . However, in the market we have many other proposals at hand.

But we cannot forget some of these programs to move around the webs, which at the time were the true references here. This is precisely the case in which we want to focus on these same lines. In particular we refer to the mythical Microsoft Internet Explorer . It is true that in the middle of the year 2021 this is a program almost completely abandoned and used for very specific tasks. Most of these are reduced to the business sphere.

In fact, it could be considered as a banished browser and frowned upon by many. But some may wonder how Internet Explorer went from having more than 90% market share at its peak, to the point it is today.

Internet Explorer security problems

Especially in its last days as a successful browser, vulnerabilities and security problems did not stop haunting Internet Explorer . In fact, to a large extent, that has been the bad image that has remained for many, while years ago it was considered a very good browser, something that some have forgotten.

That is why little by little this proposal was put aside and users migrated to other more modern and safer alternatives.

Much more to choose from in the browser industry

This leads us to the fact that in parallel, many software developers went on the adventure to present their projects of this type. Thus, those who were looking for software to move around the Internet, already had much more to choose from. Not like in the past, when we had Internet Explorer at our fingertips, and little else.

Thus, the user, as Internet use grew around the world, found a wide variety of programs for it, although the vast majority ended up in Chrome.

Microsoft opted for Edge in Windows 10

Of course, those of Redmond realized that bad image that little by little their successful browser was treasuring in those days. Therefore it had to launch a new product in Windows 10 , which despite continuing to include Internet Explorer, Microsoft bet everything on Edge. In fact, it began recommending all its hundreds of millions of users to migrate to Edge as soon as possible.

But this did not achieve, far from it, the success desired by the software giant, so it had to launch another Edge, now focused on Chromium, a proposal that does not stop growing.


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