What is the Purpose of Work?

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), goal means direction, direction or direction that is used as the target to be achieved. Then, what about ‘work goals’? Work is to do a job or deed to produce something that is needed. In other words, the goal of work is to do a job or deed to produce something needed based on predetermined goals.


Hmm, Is Having Work Goals Important?

The answer to this question can be different. Everything returns to each of our perspectives about our goals at work. Some people will feel that making a big impact at work will be a satisfaction and life will feel more meaningful. However, some other people will feel that the purpose of working is to have a job, get a salary and carry out what was told to do without having to have a significant goal or produce a proud effect.


OK, now we get rid of this difference of opinion and listen together with an explanation of Ted’s ideas about the purpose of work, is that a very important thing? The following is the explanation.


‘Purpose’ acts like a human life which without a life, humans are not like living things that can move much less to be excited. All who have life will surely move and try to fulfill their daily needs. Even though a lion has no mind and mind, but a lion is a living creature. Every day, lions have a purpose. Lions look for prey to fulfill their most important needs, namely, eating. Likewise with other animals. Humans also have a purpose in life to meet their needs. It’s just that, because humans have a mind and mind (unlike animals), then the goals they have will be more complex and diverse, not just foraging.


A goal is something we do or something we create, not something we can buy, inherit, or achieve.

“People who consider their work as a natural calling, they tend to feel more satisfied than those who think their work is just an ordinary” job “- Amy Wrzesniewski from Yale School of Management.


If your Career Advice colleagues want to be a natural-minded worker who thinks your work is something that is “very meaningful”, then this indicates that fellow readers need one or several work goals. The goal is that fellow readers are more passionate and passionate about doing anything related to work.


What would be an example of work that feels like it has a “natural calling” from work? For example, a father who works as a street sweeper from the City Sanitation Department. The father did not feel that his job was only as a street sweeper. He felt his work was more than that. Why? For him, in addition to sweeping the streets, he also helped motorcyclists and pedestrians to get rid of dirty dust and scattered rubbish. Thus, the lives of road users become healthier because of the role that the father carries out.


Amazing, right? How the purpose of work has provided another “value” that is very valuable in the work that everyone has. It does not have to be a successful entrepreneur, a street sweeper also has very valuable value that is carried in his work.


The purpose of work can also help us to increase capacity in giving the greatest impact on the work we do to be able to connect with others wherever they are.


Are there other benefits that can be obtained from having a work goal? Of course there is! The purpose of work will help us to overcome obstacles and obstacles that come. We all know that obstacles and obstacles are things that cannot be denied in life. We cannot run from both, but what we need to do is face it and conquer it.


Anthony Burrow is a social psychologist from Cornell University who says that having a goal will affect one’s behavior. This behavior can also determine whether someone has short-term or long-term goals? For example, there are two employees who are challenged to complete one large project within 3 months. The two projects that they get have the same level of difficulty, so both of them have the same challenges and obstacles are also balanced.


When both employees have successfully completed the big project . The first employee was interviewed about how he felt in dealing with the obstacles given by the project? The first employee answered that the project he had completed was difficult, but he was very happy because he was given the confidence of his boss in completing the project. According to him, not everyone gets this big project, only he and one of his colleagues. Thus, he feels to be one of the special employees and is considered capable of completing it.


The first employee also admitted that although the project was very difficult, he did it with enthusiasm and enthusiasm , because he was sure that this project would be a valuable asset for further achievement.


What about the second employee? The second employee said he was happy that he had completed the big project. However, the calm that he felt was only because he did not have to deal with anything else on the project given by his boss. He felt calm because there were no more big projects that haunted his days.


From this example, we can conclude that the first employee has very strong work goals and long-term goals that he believes deeply. Meanwhile, the second employee looks more demotivated than the first employee. He only accomplished what he had to do, without having work goals or long-term goals.


What If We Can’t Have a ‘Goal to Work’? 

The answer to this question is to change our perspective on the work we have now. Don’t live just for life and don’t work just for work, but we need to have real life goals and work goals. The purpose of work is very important for all of us to have. By having work goals, we will all be more motivated and productive at work .


“By changing the perspective we have, we can achieve greater goals without having to change what we are doing now”.

by Abdullah Sam
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