What is the purpose of setting chats on WhatsApp?

Communication is the factor that has most influenced the development of our world, the ability to interact with other people became possible. In this way, agreements and ties were created between people that have grown stronger over time.

As the world expanded, ways became necessary to make communication more fluid and efficient. With the advent of the internet in our daily lives, the way we communicated was completely revolutionized.

With the passing of time and the development of new technologies, new ways to share information were created. Currently the most used tools for this are instant messaging applications, with which we can share information of all kinds. There are alternative applications similar to WhatsApp

What is the purpose of setting chats on WhatsApp?

Among the most used messaging applications, WhatsApp is found , this is a very complete tool with which we can communicate efficiently. Among the most outstanding features of WhatsApp, we find the ability to share videos or files of any kind instantly.

Similarly, making video calls is one of the actions that stand out the most in this great application. Without leaving behind the efficient way that you can send messages from one device to another without any delay and voice messages without pressing the microphone

The popularity that WhatsApp currently has is thanks to being a very complete platform. From time to time, WhatsApp offers new versions of its interface , increasingly advanced and with better features.

As we know, when handling this application we communicate with other people through chats. But there are some people, with whom we communicate more often than others, or people who are a priority among the others.

The organization of chats in WhatsApp is in chronological order , so the most recent chats will always come first. But if we want to place one or more chats so that they are always first, it is also possible.

WhatsApp gives us the possibility to do it through an option called fix chat . In this article, we will learn which steps we must follow to fix one or more than three WhatsApp chats on iPhone or Android.

Steps to fix one or more than three WhatsApp chats on iPhone

The WhatsApp application is available for multiple platforms, where we can download it completely free from official stores. One of these stores where we can download WhatsApp is iTunes.

If we want to set one or more WhatsApp chats on our iPhone, the first thing we must do is open the WhatsApp application on our device. Once we enter the App, we look for the chat that we want to set.

On the right side of each chat, we can see an arrow pointing to the right , we must select that arrow. We will see how a list of options is run on top of the selected chat.

Now we select the option “Set”, the chat will automatically be set in our WhatsApp list. If we want to set other chats, we must perform the same action with each of the chats that we want to set.

Steps to fix one or more than three WhatsApp chats on Android

One of the operating systems most used by mobile device manufacturers is the Android operating system. From its Play Store, we can download all kinds of applications, including WhatsApp.

To set one or more chats on an Android device, first we open the application on our device. Now, we look for the chat that we want to set and hold our finger on it until we see that it is marked.

At the top of the screen, several options will be enabled, we must select the set icon . In this way, the selected chat will be fixed, first in the chat list.

If we want to fix several chats at the same time, we must carry out the same previous action, but before selecting the Fix option, we select all the chats that we want to fix. Finally, select «Fix» .

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion . Have you been able to set up a chat on WhatsApp by following these steps? Do you know another method that allows you to trust chats on your Android or iPhone device? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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