What is the Peoople app and how does it work

Peoople is a social network created in Spain in 2016. The Peoople application is giving the world something to talk about, and in the short time it has been on the market it has managed to position itself as one of the best . Its main objective is to promote products or services according to the recommendation of an influencer, family member or friend, there are many strategies to have more followers.

What is and How the Peoople App Works – The Influencers App

This social network is not only about posting, on the contrary, it is recommended; You can promote what you like, from a restaurant to a movie that has fascinated you. In short, it is “know what someone else likes” or “Let someone else help me find what I like.” And through this post we will provide a small guide for you, of everything you need to know.

Why is Peoople an app that helps influencers and how can I level up from scratch?

Peoople is a social network that is giving everyone something to talk about. Do you want to know how this application is handled? Let’s see.

Something that you must take into account is that this app has several levels, you start with an almost zero level until you become an influencer.How is this achieved? Simply by receiving many likes or popularity on the site.

When you become an influencer, you will begin to monetize and receive payments for the likes received, or reposts of your publications. You can add your Instagram account where you can also preview other profiles such as stories and thus make yourself known a little more.

The next level is  unicorn , when you reach that level of popularity in Peoople you will monetize the double that you obtained when having the influencer level, allowing you to have more income . At this point, you can associate not only your Instagram but other social networks and tell a little story about yourself.

And the last level is  star; With this level you will be able to be known throughout the network and its associates, you will appear on the front page when looking for something related to a search. For this reason, it is an app that helps influencers, in a short time you will be someone known in Peoople .

Another way to get money is simply by referring people to the Peoople app ; The more people enter the social network, the more chances you have to win It really is an app that helps a lot to people who want to become influencers very soon.

How can I create an account on the Peoople app?

Depending on your mobile phone, you can download the app. Enter your favorite virtual store, then you will have to place in the search engine  “Peoople” and proceed to click on the app with the blue symbol. Then press download; Once the download is done, you can start enjoying the Peoople app.

How can I collect what I earn in the Peoople app and in which countries is it available?

First of all, the Peoople app is available to everyone. In addition, payment is made by PayPal, an excellent means both to send and to receive money;  If you are in Spain or Portugal, you will have the facility of payment to a bank account, only if you are in these countries already named.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with Peoople; in quarantine time is the ideal job for you and the best, without leaving home. You will be able to dedicate a few hours a day to this application and generate an extra income in a short time.

Dare to try the maximum experience with Peoople and become the influencer you have dreamed of so much. We would appreciate very much if you shared this post so that other people can be active members of this incredible social network, and do not forget to comment on your experience. We hope these Peoople recommendations have been very useful to you.


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