What is the minimum age to play Roblox? – Guide for parents

Video games are gaining increasing levels of importance within web platforms . Entertainment crosses borders and online sites to play games and share with different people around the world are highly sought after.

What is the Minimum age to Play Roblox? – Guide for Parents

In addition to this, the gamer community has been in charge of organizing relevant tournaments. Contests in which even celebrities and well-known athletes who make their love of video games public and share with other users have participated.

Roblox, an option that stands out

Among so many web platforms with a large number of functions and tools for playing games and establishing communication with other players regardless of their location , is Roblox.

This interesting platform, which has a freemium modality. Not only does it allow you to play games, but it includes a number of important tools and functions with which you can develop your own games and make them public .

Communicate with whoever you want

Through the tool Chat & Party of Roblox , you will have the opportunity to communicate with people around the world on this web platform to exchange views about games developed by third parties and which have tested or what improvements could make the games you have developed.

Your better half in Roblex

Another of the functions that powerfully attract the attention of this is that of OD or Online Dater. Available both on Roblox and on other social networks. A tool frequently used by users to try to find a partner.

Attention parents!

Beyond the fact that this type of platform, as well as the tools and functions it offers, may seem complex, it is no secret that they are potential attractions for children . This is why it is important to take care of the virtual safety of children. The wisest way to do this is to respect the minimum age for a child to play online, including platforms such as Roblox.

Taking Roblox tools into account, it’s easy to think that many of these chat rooms contain inappropriate content for children. It is necessary to establish some type of control to prevent obscene or too violent messages or elements from reaching them.

The ideal age

Roblox is aware of this type of situation, which is why it establishes a minimum age for its users. All those who carry out the registration procedure on this platform must specify their date of birth .

The minimum age to play Roblox on their platforms is 13 years old. From this age, Roblox establishes certain limitations regarding the tools that it makes available to its users, either for free or in its paid version.

What filters does Roblox impose?

In the case of chat rooms, all messages that contain inappropriate language , as well as graphic elements that are obscene or violent , will be blocked .

However, not all the filters that Roblox imposes are necessary to prevent a child from having contact with an older person and trying to take advantage of him or her, so … what else could you do?

Privacy settings

Predators are found on all web platforms. But in the cases of platforms dedicated to video games, many divert their attention to children and it does not require a greater effort to establish communication with them if they maintain default settings.

What to do in these cases? Simple, if you are the father or mother of a child who frequents these types of platforms, you should have a conversation related to the security measures that could prevent your son or daughter from being involved in these types of situations .

The second option is to explore the settings of the account or profile of your child on this platform. Look for the “Privacy” section in your profile settings and enable as many restrictions as possible so that you can only receive messages from your contacts.

Keep them safe!

Beyond Roblox being part of organizations like FOSI (Family Online Safety Institute) and KidSAFE. Confirming its serious commitment to guarantee the safety and privacy of all children who live on its platform, it never hurts to take extra measures to meet this objective. While considering and respecting the recommended minimum age to play Roblox.

That is why, with these recommendations, you can reinforce the security parameters. So that your children continue to have fun in the safest way possible.


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