What is the meaning of iniquity?

Iniquity means evil or something that is wrong. It also means the reprehensible state we are in because of sin. Jesus came to cleanse us from our iniquity.

Iniquity is a sin. The meaning of iniquity is something that is bad, that disobeys God. Iniquity can have the sense of injustice, evil or deliberate disobedience to God .

The Bible also speaks of iniquity as man’s condition in sin. Our mistakes condemn us and reveal our wickedness ( Jeremiah 2:22 ). Our iniquity condemns us and deserves to be punished. We need to be forgiven for our iniquities in order not to suffer punishment.

The wicked is one who is dedicated to evil or injustice. His heart is turned to evil and he is not concerned with doing good or pleasing God ( Proverbs 19:28 ).

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The solution to inequity

We cannot purify ourselves of our own iniquity. We need God’s help. That is why God sent Jesus to earth.

On the cross, Jesus took the punishment for our iniquities. He paid the price and has the power to purify us, removing the stain from iniquity ( Isaiah 53: 5-6 ). We can stay clean, without guilt or condemnation!

To be cleansed from iniquity, we need to repent of our sins and accept Jesus as our savior. When we recognize our iniquities, we ask God for forgiveness and decide that we want to change, he forgives us through Jesus. Our iniquities are transferred to the cross!

After we are converted, we will still commit sin and fail, because we are not yet perfect. But now we have a new nature, which fights against inequity. Whenever we recognize our iniquities and repent, we have the promise that God forgives us ( 1 John 1: 9 ). It helps us to change and overcome inequity in our lives.

One day, when we get to Heaven, there will be no more iniquity. We will be completely cleansed and live forever from iniquity!

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