What is the maximum level in Outriders and how long does it take

Before reaching the end of the Outriders game, you level your classes and distribute skill points. But how long does it take and what is the maximum level?

What is the maximum level of Outriders? Generally, you can go up to level 30. You achieve this over the course of the main story and by completing side missions.

At level 30 you have also unlocked all available skill points that you can get per class. Your team doesn’t end at level 30.

You can find equipment of a significantly higher level in Expeditions, the endgame of Outriders. You can still use them at level 30, as you increase your gear limit through the 15 world levels and other mechanics.

This is already possible in the course of the main story, so you can use gear up to level 17 or higher with level 14.

Playtime is up to you too

How long does it take to complete the story? The developers indicate a duration of around 25 to 40 hours. But if you take the side quests with you, there will be a few more hours.

In addition, the playing time will also depend on you. Due to the world levels of Outriders, the level of difficulty is variable. So it also depends on which of the levels you are playing on.

Do you always take the highest available world level that you unlock? Or do you reject it and finish the game more easily? If you did and completed the story, you will probably end up at level 27-28.

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How much playing time do the Outriders offer in total? Thanks to the endgame and repeatable missions, Outriders also offers significantly more than 40 hours beyond the story, as long as you like those mechanics. According to the developers, there should be up to 70 hours of playtime. That can be more, depending on the type of player.

How do you get to the end of Outriders? You first play the extensive Outriders story campaign, which spans several chapters.

Over the course of the story you level up, gain skill points, unlock new abilities for Outrider classes, and find better and better equipment.

Skill points are rare, but you can always redistribute them.

How many skill points can you get? In total, you can distribute 20 skill points for each of the class. Therefore, you need to think carefully when choosing your advantages.

Don’t worry, you can reset your skill points at any time for free and thus constantly test new possibilities in terms of skill. Here you can see the corresponding skill tree:

This is what the Technomancer skill tree looks like. The agony of election is divided into three subclasses.

What is the story of the Outriders about? The stage is far in the future and humanity has ruined our planet. Therefore, he is looking for a new home, which he thinks he will find on the planet Enoch.

As the game title suggests, you take on the role of an escort. In reality, they are part of a special military unit that is trained to explore unknown planets. At the beginning of the game, you belong to the vanguard that lands on Enoch.

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However, this goes really wrong and will put you in a cold sleep for 30 years. When you wake up, humans have colonized the planet, but they are already on the brink. Now you have to keep the Outriders in order.

You will be helped by new abilities that were triggered by a strange phenomenon, the anomalous storm. These abilities also determine the classes of Outriders.

These are the classes of Outriders: In the game you choose between

  • Technomancer
  • Pyromancer
  • Killer
  • Devastating

Each class has 8 different abilities and three subclasses. Here you will find an overview of Outriders: All information about the 4 character classes: skills and gameplay.


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