What is the lustful meaning?

Lust is sensuality used in the wrong way and without self-control. The lustful person runs after sexual pleasure without caring about the limits. Lust leads to acts of sexual immorality.

God created the sexual act to be enjoyed within a healthy marriage between a man and a woman ( Matthew 19: 4-6 ). This is an act of physical and spiritual intimacy, which produces the blessing of life. Outside of that standard, any sexual practice is a sin.

Lust is very similar to lust. It starts with an attitude towards sexual pleasures, which becomes a search for those pleasures in the wrong places. The sinful mindset distorts sexual pleasure and creates perverse desires.

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Lust is also linked to the act of inviting others to participate in immorality. The provocative and sensual attitude is lustful. The lustful person does not love, he just uses other people as objects to satisfy his perverted desires.

However, lust does not bring true satisfaction. More is always needed and desires lead to worse and more dangerous acts. In fact, lust does not produce the intimacy or love of a healthy, God-led marriage. On the contrary, it often destroys relationships.

How to overcome lust?

The Bible says that it is possible to overcome temptation ( 1 Corinthians 10:13 ). This even includes sexual temptation. You can overcome lust with the help of Jesus!

Ask forgiveness

The first thing to do is to acknowledge your problem with lust and repent, asking God for forgiveness. The Bible says that God forgives and purifies those who repent ( 1 John 1: 9 ). Also ask God to own your mind and purify your thoughts.

Learn to have your own domain

Self-control means knowing how to control yourself. This includes controlling thoughts. The Bible says that you can change your thoughts ( Romans 12: 2 ). When lustful thoughts arrive, reject them! Keep rejecting them in the name of Jesus, until they leave. Choose to think more about the things of God and fill your thoughts with good things.

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Escape from immorality

Yes, run away! If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, where you know the temptation is great, get out of there ( 1 Corinthians 6:18 ). This is the Bible’s solution. It is better to acknowledge weakness and run away than to pretend to be very strong and fall into sin.

Idolatry and lust

In some parts of the Bible, lust is compared to idolatry. When someone turns away from God to follow other religions or philosophies, it is as if he were committing adultery against God. The desire for wrong ways is like lust, making a person impure and spoiling his intimacy with God.

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