What is the issuance of payroll and proof of payment in Mexico?

The state of Mexico has implemented this modality in order to compel its taxpayers to make payments to their workers. In turn, these payments are due to their salaries, since the payments to be made are for the provision of the personal service.

What is the Issuance of Payroll and the Issuance of Proof of Payment Edo de México?

It should be noted that the payroll is considered an important and accounting document, it includes the perceptions of payments and employee deductions. Similarly, in the State of Mexico there are three laws that involve the employer with respect to their employees and payment.

At the same time, the laws are: The Federal Labor Law in article 804 , the Federal Tax Code in article 67 and the Social Security Law in Mexico in article 15.

What is the issuance of payroll and proof of payment in Mexico?

In general, for Mexican companies, having the payroll is an issue that is vitally important. In addition, they consider it convenient to be able to know the necessary information about their workers so as not to make any type of error when they have to make the records or deductions from them by the company.

It should also be mentioned that the issuance of payroll can be classified by the type of perception , type of contract and payment period . Each of these classifications has a number of characteristics.

For the type of perception, common wages or special payments are taken into account. Likewise, the type of contract depends on whether it is: base personnel, temporary, trustworthy or list of partners; And in the same way, the payment period may differ every week, every fourteen or fifteen days and every month.

Similarly, it should be noted that the issuance of the payroll is a document in digital format. Which includes the information corresponding to the payment that has been made by the employer to his employee.

Together, it should be mentioned that the payroll receipt is a CFDI document which was made official in 2014.

The CFDI payroll was published in the Federal Tax Code , it is also considered an obligation to issue the payroll CFDI by the employer with respect to the service that the employee provided.

It should be noted that in the State of Mexico, payroll is calculated using some methodologies which are: monthly salary, calculation of income tax withholdings, IMSS withholdings and additional payroll discounts. In turn, each company has a person who is in charge of calculating the payroll.

Additional information on the issuance of payroll and proof of payment

At the same time, it should be mentioned that there are specialized payroll software to calculate them. But whichever of the two methods the company applies, the same methodology is always taken into consideration.

Likewise, the State of Mexico has a web page where you can find the information regarding the issuance of payments. So if you have any questions regarding any information such as the 2020 calendar or updates to procedure manuals, you can find it on the public server.

So if you want to know the information on the issuance of payment vouchers you can easily enter the official site through this link and within this page you will find a tab “Issuance of receipts and deductions . 

You just have to enter and follow the steps that the page is requesting , together it should be noted that the proof of payment is an invoice. It contains the information regarding the payments received, it is also necessary to acquire the invoice for the activities carried out.

In short, this invoice must be taken for the income you obtain, since it is a requirement to be able to register the payment method and its form.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Do you know the requirements to request the issuance of payroll and proof of payment in Mexico? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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