What is the ISSSTE in Mexico? – Institute of Social Security and Services for Workers

Social security and health must be guaranteed to the entire working population. Therefore, the ISSSTE in Mexico provides services to assist people effectively . If you ask yourself, what is the ISSSTE in Mexico? – Institute of Social Security and Services for Workers, then continue reading this interesting article.

What is the ISSSTE in Mexico – Institute of Social Security and Services for Workers

What is the ISSSTE in Mexico? – Institute of Social Security and Services for Workers

The ISSSTE is an initiative that has been implemented in Mexico for 60 years to assist citizens due to old age, disability, work risks and in the event of death .

This body manages not only the social security of employees and former public employees but also health care. Next, we explain what ISSSTE consists of, what it is for and what services it offers.

The Institute of Social Security and Services for Workers (ISSSTE) in Mexico

The Social Security and Services Institute for Workers is a government entity in Mexico that is in charge of administering the population’s social security and health care in cases such as work risks, old age, disability and death. In this sense, public workers can make a medical appointment at ISSSTE through the internet in order to prevent people from queuing by facilitating the process.

This organization offers its services to public workers as part of the benefits derived from their labor action. Initially, ISSSTE had supplementary benefits, however, these became mandatory for the organization.

Origin of the Institute of Social Security and Services for Workers (ISSSTE) in Mexico

The ISSSTE was born at the end of 1959 during the government of President Adolfo López Mateos. This entity emerged through a bill that was presented to the Congress of the Union. It was discussed, approved and published through the Official Gazette of the Federation .

The ISSSTE was the first organization that responded comprehensively to the social security requirement through health care and benefits (economic, cultural and social) that were extended to the families of the beneficiaries.

What is the Social Security and Services Institute for Workers (ISSSTE) in Mexico for?

The Workers’ Social Security and Services Institute serves to provide social security to all workers, family members, retirees and pensioners of the federal government and federative organizations.

What are the services offered by the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores (ISSSTE) in Mexico?

It is important that public workers know what benefits the ISSSTE has . In this regard, this organization covers work risk insurance, insurance in the event of professional retirement, old-age compensation, and disability and life insurance. Pensioners are granted health insurance that includes preventive and curative medical care, maternity and rehabilitation (physical and mental).

It is important to note that it is possible to apply for ISSSTE loans of the mortgage and financing type to acquire a home. Likewise, it offers personal loans, funeral services and attention to children from the cultural sphere.

What are the requirements to request an appointment at ISSSTE?

The fundamental requirement is to be a worker or to have been a public worker, to be a beneficiary , to have the medical appointment card granted by the entity during registration and to register in the option of validity of rights.

How is the appointment managed at ISSSTE?

To manage the appointment in the ISSSTE, it is necessary to provide the Federal Taxpayer Registry or the Unique Population Registry Code and a series of personal data in order to certify the person through the system.

You can make the appointment by attending the clinic directly, via the internet or by phone . If you choose the first option, you must arrive early to the place, since registered people are attended according to availability. For the telephone, it is essential to attend the consultation half an hour before the appointment to open a medical record.


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