What Is The Importance of Teacher Cadet Program In United States

Importance of Teacher Cadet Program In United States is being discussed here. Teacher Cadet Program is a high school tutoring program in which gifted children provide slower students with special help. Although formal peer tutoring dates back to the late 18th century, a corollary object of modern cadet teacher programs is to improve teaching quality by allowing gifted students to experience the rewards of teaching and encouraging them to consider it as a possible career.

What Is The Importance of Teacher Cadet Program In United States

The program was a response to the deteriorating academic performance of men and women entering teaching in the 1960s, when higher-paying professions lured the highest-ranked college graduates. Meanwhile, those who became pub- lic school teachers tended to have graduated from the lower halves of their college classes. Average SAT scores for high school seniors planning to become education majors are about 4% below the national average for all college-bound students on the verbal tests and 6.3% below the national average on the math- ematics test.

Importance of Teacher Cadet Program In United States

Peer teaching was first developed by British educator Joseph Lancaster as a way of teaching large numbers of children while keeping teacher salary and other school costs at a minimum (see Lancasterian system). In 1798, he educated 1,000 boys at a Society of Friends (Quaker) free school by first tutoring the oldest most responsible boys and appointing the most qualified as monitors to supervise and instruct younger students. In 1 8 1 8, he emigrated to the United States and founded Lancasterian schools in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston and Washington, D.C. Today’s peer tutoring programs have gained widespread acceptance in selective private secondary schools, but teacher-union opposition has hindered their growth in many public schools.

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