What is the Grand Exchanged in Old School RuneScape?

Old School RuneScape also exists the Grand Exchanged , a market to exchange objects and accessories of the game and obtain profits in the short, medium and long term.

As a player in Old School RuneScape , trading is one of the most important activities, not only because by buying or selling you could gain access to unique items within the game , but also because it is from the trade that the most income comes from for players in the real life.

In addition, there are a large number of coveted items such as the Berseker Ring , the Greater Ricochet ability codex, and the Dinosaur Claws . Although the difficulty of obtaining them is equivalent to their value, so, realistically, you could hardly end up getting any of these. However, there is the Great Market , better known as the Grand Exchanged in Old School RuneScape and right now we will tell you about it.

What is the Grand Exchanged in Old School RuneScape?

The Great Market or Grand Exchanged in Old School RuneScape , abbreviated as “GM”, among the most veteran players, is an exchange system integrated into the game for the purchase and sale of different objects .

Everything you need to know about the Grand Exchanged in Old School RuneScape

It is important to clarify that there is a great difference in the market for players with membership and free to playeers. While members have a space of up to 6 items to sell / buy in the GM, players usually only have one pair.

Thanks to the Grand Exchanged , all those who wish to can trade objects , and all this without the need to advertise it, meet with players or wait in the place until the exchange has been finalized, since all objects and coins Gold from exchanges can be collected from any bank in the world of RuneScape .

Market operation

The Great Market works as an electronic exchange market assistant would do in any video game of a similar nature such as World of Warcraft or Albion Online , where many players find it much more beneficial to sell their items in stores such as the Grand Exchanged by making much larger profits. of which you would get in any store.

How to get rich in Old School RuneScape with the Grand Exchanged?

The Grand Exchange or Grand Exchanged is available to all Old School RuneScape players , always, regardless of whether you are a holder of the prestigious membership or a free to play player, like most, you can make exchanges in any world .

This is what you must do to get rich with the Grand Exchanged

With the Great Market you can buy or sell practically any object, thus being able to obtain even the rarest of objects available in OSRS.

In addition, you can also benefit greatly from the purchase and sale of objects, being able to become the owner of a large amount of gold coins, thus being rich within the video game.

However, to make this dream possible, you will need much more than buying or selling an object , you will also need to use cunning and intelligence. Below you can see what you can do to get rich in Old School RuneScape .

Grand Exchanged Tutorial in OSRS

Before you can access the benefits of the Grand Exchanged in Old School RuneScape you will have to receive a tutorial where Brugsen Burse explains how it works and how to benefit from the new “revolutionary” market with which you could end up being filthy rich.

Tutorial to educate yourself and know how the Grand Exchanged works

Brugsen Burse will show you how the Grand Exchanged was created in the world of Old School RuneScape, he will also introduce you to merchants – people who are experts in specific products -, such as Hofthand, an expert in weapons and armor, or Farid Morrisane , who knows everything. has to do with valuable minerals .

By talking to each of these characters you will be able to obtain information on how the market is fluctuating at the moment and even know the price of certain products within the Grand Exchanged.

Right now, it would be worth reminding you that the value of the objects in the Grand Exchanged will always vary as it is the same determined by the players, so it is always good to talk to Hofthand, Bob, Relobo, Farid, or Turbias to know the current price of the products in the Great Market .

How to sell in the Great Market?

Thanks to the sale / purchase system of the Grand Exchanged , you will be able to find that object you were looking for so much or sell a recent acquisition to obtain a good sum of gold coins. But how to do it?

Steps to buy or sell in the Great Market through the Grand Exchanged of OSRS

  • Bring the objects you want to sell or the money you need to buy products to the Great Market.
  • Talk to any of the Grand Exchanged merchants to buy / sell an item.
  • Leave your money or objects with the employees of the Great Exchanged, who will look for a purchase / sale offer that suits your needs.
  • Wait for the acceptance of the employees for your purchase / sale.
  • Receive your object / money once the exchange is finished. When the latter happens, you will receive a message informing you of the purchase / sale, and you will be able to withdraw your object or money at any of the banks located in the Old School RuneScape world.

This would be all you need to know to get rich on the Grand Exchanged in Old School RuneScape . And before you go, we remind you that the Grand Exchange is available 24/7 so you do not need to worry about finding a buyer / seller , since the merchants of the Great Exchanged will do it for you without the need for you to be connected. , thus being able to simply wait for the message from the Great Market company confirming that your exchange has been successful .


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