What is the efficiency enchantment for in Minecraft?

One of the spells available in this popular series of creative sandbox video games  is the Minecraft efficiency enchantment . This spell can be added or obtained in several ways. Its utility is quite specific and very useful within the universe of blocks and mining.

What is the Efficiency Enchantment for in Minecraft?

What is the efficiency enchantment in Minecraft and what is it used for?

As its name implies, this peculiar spell is used to give the enchanted tool a greater efficiency when it comes to destroying blocks or accomplishing its objective within the game.

Although it has the particularity of being limiting in terms of the usefulness of the instrument, that is, if you have used the efficiency enchantment in Minecraft on a pick, this increase in power and speed will only be valid when mining and not when working , for example, wood Well, this one would need an ax.

As for the percentage of increase obtained through this spell, it varies according to the level of enchantment generated. The value for level 1 being a 130% increase in speed and for level 2 a 169%.

If you achieve a level 3 your tool will gain an aggregate of 220%, in 4 a 286% and in the last level, 5, it will enjoy 371% faster when breaking blocks , which represents 30% more than in the previous level.

Another peculiarity of this enchantment is that the increase in speed will work with all those blocks that when hitting them with the instrument drop an object, so you will already know where to get the most out of it.

What tools can be bewitched by efficiency?

Unlike other spells within the video game, the efficiency enchantment in Minecraft is not suitable for all the instruments that you usually or can use, since it only gives its power to a few.

In fact, it has three main tools in which it works, they are the “Pick”, to mine; the “Shovel”, to dig; and the “Ax”, in order to obtain wood from trees and other elements.

The pickaxe is one of the most used tools in this game, as it allows you to destroy blocks and open a path or discover hidden objects. This tool can be obtained from different materials .

In addition to this, it is considered that the “Scissors” that you use to obtain wool, boil and other similar elements, as well as the “Sickle” are secondary tools that can receive this enchantment.

Can I use this spell on a tool of any material?

It is advisable to use the efficiency enchantment in Minecraft, like the other spells, on tools that you have made with superior materials. Although this does not really represent any impediment.

The point is that, the worse or lower the level of the utensil’s manufacturing material, the less time it will be in use. So you will have to constantly replace it and enchant it again.

For this reason, it is best to give “efficiency” to instruments superior to iron. Taking into account that the better the quality of this, the greater the durability and use that you can enjoy.

How are enchantments performed?

In Minecraft there are three ways to enchant, one of the best known being the use of the “Enchantment Table”, where you need experience points and lapis lazuli to achieve it.

The second is using an “Anvil”, where you must combine an object with a book that is enchanted, and that also requires experience points. In fact, level 4 of the efficiency spell is done through this method.

The advantage of this game is that if you find yourself in a position where you do not have access to an enchantment table or an anvil, both items can be created by you.

And finally, using an “Anvil” as well but, this time, placing two enchanted objects to combine them. In this mode, experience is also necessary, since this, in all cases, determines the result and the level of the spells.

Also, and even when these are the methods for performing enchantments . There are other ways to get them too, for example from a villager, fishing, killing looters, in treasure chests and more.

Minecraft has a great variety of enchantments that you should know and know how to use, two of the most used enchantments, since they allow you to elaborate a great variety of tasks are the aquatic affinity enchantment and the repair enchantment .


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