What is the difference between a modem and a router?

Perhaps at some point you have wondered if there is a difference between a modem and a router. And you are right, since although its functions are based on the internet connection there is a great difference between the two devices. That is why today with this article you will know what difference is there between a modem and a router? And not only that, but you will also know each of its functions. Information that cannot go unnoticed, since at some point you might need it.

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  1. Do Modems and Routers usually work together or separately?
  2. What is the exact function that each device fulfills in your internet connection?
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  3. Is it possible to have internet access if you don’t have a router or modem?

Do Modems and Routers usually work together or separately?

These two devices must work together. And usually both devices are provided by the provider. However, there is a special device called a modem-router that is a device that does the function of both. This is a bit more expensive, but it does the job of encrypting the external network and transmitting it to your devices. It is the ideal device, since it performs all the functions in just one device. This thanks to the evolution of technology in recent years.

Since in ancient times it was necessary to have two sources connected, cables that connected from one computer to another, and even determine exact places to position both devices. So the modem-router was the result of the solution to this problem. It is for this reason that they will always be tied to generate a good internet connection. And if you have TP-Link brand devices, you can verify their operation through the website.

What is the exact function that each device fulfills in your internet connection?

These devices are essential when it comes to connecting to the internet. It is for this reason that you must clearly know each of the functions that they have. So you can also exploit the full potential of each of them.


The work of the router is quite simple, and it works in conjunction with the modem. In a basic way, we could say that it takes the network generated by the modem and is responsible for distributing it to the different devices. Using an IP address and transforming it into a private network. This works connected by a network cable or is also capable of generating wireless connections. In addition, it has different security mechanisms that make your network much more secure.

Do not forget to check the antenna and make a good installation , you can compare it with other devices to verify its design and range. And to finish, check the number of Ethernet ports available on the computer. An updated device can be 10 times faster than the competition. And thus guarantee better performance on your devices.


A modem is a device that is used to interpret each of the data that comes from inside the connection. Its name derives from the function of a modulator, since it is capable of converting any type of accessible signal that comes encrypted in binary numbers, that is, 0 and 1. In order that our equipment can interpret it. In addition, this small device can connect us with the world of technology through a public network or plan, as the case may be.

Basically, it is responsible for receiving an internet signal through an external network and entering it at the address or device of your choice. In addition to the fact that a network is not only important, but its connection is essential. Since always at some point in our lives we will require information provided by the internet. And the modem becomes a shortcut to acquire that connection.

Is it possible to have internet access if you don’t have a router or modem?

The only way to be able to access the internet without having a modem or router at home is through a connection to a network or Wi-Fi point that someone close to you can provide. If we do not regret to inform you that you cannot connect to a network, as both devices are essential when it comes to encrypting the data for your device. It is for this reason that it is extremely important to choose quality equipment. In order to guarantee the optimal functioning of your connection and also to keep your network very secure in order to prevent third parties from being able to easily access it.

In addition, these devices are necessary when encrypting any type of connection. It is for this reason that when choosing your modem, router or modem-router you must take into account the scope of the equipment. This detail, although it seems quite silly, is very important, since the type of connection will depend on this and also the places where you can have access.

And not only that, but you must also choose a good place to install this equipment. Since there may be obstacles inside the house that limit the connection. Walls and distance become the main enemy of connection. Therefore, try as much as possible to place it in a wide space.

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