What is the difference between a blog and a web page

The Internet is a tool by which you can communicate in addition to creating or playing videos, music or images to attract the attention of the public you want to address.

Today we can find on the internet millions of blogs or web pages created by people with the purpose of communicating and sharing knowledge with others, you can even create a blog totally free .

What identifies these blogs or web pages is that each one of them has its own and original character that draws the attention of users.

Each page or blog expresses its own language and ideology, that is, you will not find one equal to the other on the web. They can be dynamic or static.

Web pages open the doors for you to communicate with an incalculable number of people, in them you can offer and sell merchandise, show your future clients your business proposal, your various passions, among others.

In the web pages you can show dynamic information with images and music and with other actions to execute that allow you to enter other categories in the information you are showing or go to a Web page, mail or Web site,  you can also create a free web page with Google Sites .

Even today, countless companies, companies or organizations are using this tool such as educational institutions, government, public or private companies.

These documents can be worked by governments, educational institutions, public or private institutions, companies or any other type of association, and by people at the individual level.

Many of them have the purpose of promoting themselves in the market and offer different types of services such as: Online store, sports, baby store, animals, cars, weddings, lodging, nursery, coffee shop.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website where the person who writes or author from time to time, be it weekly or biweekly, publishes information or content allowing those who read it to express their opinions, and you will have the facility to insert a YouTube video on your website or blog and improve your channel .

It can be said that it is like a magazine or personal digital diary where you can put the information you want in an order of time.

This idea was born in 1997 by Jorn Barger. He called it web log or weblog to keep track of the web. Then two years later in 1999 Peter Merholz modifies this term and calls it we blog which in Spanish means web registry.

These authors wrote their opinions or thoughts in a blog form that was like an intimate diary published on the internet where everyone could read it just like today.

In addition to giving you as a reader the freedom to express yourself, it also allows you to enter other content to include links to find out their information.

You will notice that at the end of each blog there is a space for readers to give their opinions and the author responds to them in due course.

What is the difference and similarity between a blog and a web page?

As I mentioned before, web pages and blogs have different languages ​​and styles, below I will show you their differences and similarities:

Web pages contain static content, while blogs regularly tend to update their content, that is, the author constantly works and investigates to post new information.

The web pages are made with formality and with a professional character , the blog differs because it is less formal, because you can talk about the subject you want.

The information on the web pages are directed in one direction, that is, it is information where readers do not have an opinion, but blogs are interactive, readers can participate and comment.

Web pages are a platform to negotiate or agree on a service or topic, unlike blogs that are educational and informative.

The vast majority of companies or organizations have their website, on the other hand, only some that have web pages have a blog, although many choose to create a personal or business blog on Facebook .


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