What is the ‘Chkconfig’ command in Ubuntu Linux and what is it for?

One of the most useful commands that you can learn and that Linux has developed is “chkconfig”, since its order tells the operating system what action a service should perform, while it is running inside the computer.

Ubuntu Linux is one of the software created by the company whose icon is a penguin. Which is recognized and used worldwide due to its comfort and safety.

Among them always stands out the use of commands to perform a function that involves modifying the content of the computer. Commands of which there is a long list, where Chkconfig is included.

Due to this, once the user acquires root or administrator permissions (either within a space or on the entire computer, he must learn the contents of said list to be able to freely execute a set of tasks, through the window command.

Now we will talk about the use that can be assigned to this code, and how it is possible to modify the use of a service through it.

What is Chkconfig for?

It is a command programmed to manipulate the activity of a Linux server . This is capable of running regardless of whether or not it is running during command window modification.

In the same way, it avoids the common mistakes that some users make when trying to handle the operation of a server manually.

Its syntax allows it to execute a varied number of functions, as long as they are related to the services that are executed within the operating system. Although it is also possible to synchronize them in the cloud using Rclone .

How can Chkconfig be used?

Like any other command within the “Terminal” the command must be accompanied by a verb. As its name implies, it determines or specifies the action to be executed.

Request a list of Linux services

The argument “ —list ” shows the status of the services that are part of the operating system. This is done in order to assess the state in which they are.

Similarly, the administrator has the option of accompanying the argument with the name of a service, in case of wanting to analyze only its information.

In both cases, the syntax would be written in the following way inside the command window: “ chkconfig –list ” in the first case.

If you want to exclusively evaluate the status of a service, whether it is running or not, just add its name along with the syntax to receive the information: “ chkconfig –list servicename ”.

Enable or disable Linux services

Unlike the previous function, the syntax of this command is executed only with the terms of on and off in English, accompanied by the service to be modified.

For example, if you want to turn on a service that is disabled, just open the command window and enter: “ chkconfig name of the service on ”.

Create service entries

A very common problem within Ubuntu is when a service is installed and the entry is not created automatically, or when a Squid proxy server cannot be installed or configured , making it difficult to manage it through various commands, including the commented one within this article.

If, while trying to activate or disconnect a newly installed service, it displays an error message after typing the code inside the command window, you don’t have to worry.

To create the service entry to the operating system, use “ chkconfig –add servicename ” within the “Terminal” window. This is so that the link is formed correctly and allows the user to work with the server.

Similarly, if you remove the service you have installed, you can also delete the symbolic link from the system using ” chkconfig – del nombredelservice “.

These three functions mentioned above are with which the command in question performs with total excellence. Allowing the administrator to be part of the management of your team .

In the same way, controlling the performance of services helps your computer not crash due to having to perform so many tasks simultaneously. So using chkconfig to prioritize the necessary ones is the most recommended.


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