What Is The Calçots Season?

The calçots season runs from November to April , with the maximum period of consumption being the months of January, February and March.

calçots season in spain

On the last Sunday of January the Calçotada Festival takes place , this vegetable being the main protagonist of the event. Due to the date of this party , many people think it is in January when the calçots season begins but nothing is further from reality. What can be considered is its high season.

But what is a calçot?

It is a tender and white onion that is born following a cultivation system in which during the process of onion growth, soil is piled around the bud, it is “ shodding ”.

The result : a white stem, young, about 15-25 cm high that has remained buried for a good season, very tender, with a characteristic taste and a certain sweetness, which is the part of the plant that is consumed.

As they explain in the blog of the onion , the collection is carried out when the state of maturity of the buds coming from the bulb is adequate, with the greatest care and speed possible, to achieve a better conservation and product quality.

Properties and Benefits of Calçots

If you already loved to eat them, surely when you discover the properties they have you will like them much more.

  • depurative and diuretic action , calçots are considered a fundamental food to regulate the proper functioning of the organism
  • antioxidant properties thanks to the presence of flavonoids such as betaqueroten.
  • Large amount of iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium,
  • Important amount of vitamins B, C, K and E.

They are vegetables rich in fiber and folic acid and are attributed properties:

  • They are anticancer and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • They are advised in hypocaloric diets.

But now comes the part we like most, since it is a low-calorie food because it contains a lot of water and fiber. So we no longer have an excuse to meet our friends and prepare a good Calçotada!

If you like to enjoy the best flavors of the season, when making your weekly purchase do not forget to go through our pages of seasonal fruits and seasonal vegetables . They are always updated with the best of the moment.

The key to taking advantage of all the benefits is that this product is seasonal, natural and quality. That is just what we want to show you below :

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